Alien Bounty Hunter
Alien Bounty Hunter Name: Alien Bounty Hunter
Colony * Endgame * Talitha Cumi * Herrenvolk * Emily (implied) * Patient X * The Red and the Black * The Unnatural * Requiem

Bio: The Alien Bounty Hunter is a killing machine who has been given the job of hunting down and killing alien rebels and keeping an eye on the progress of colonization. With orders from the alien colonists, he uses a weapon called a stiletto or a plam (looks like a steel icepick) or any other weapon or means to kill these rebels. Though he generally does not kill humans, if they come in his way he does not hesitate from killing them with an untraceable poison. He himself can only be killed by piercing the stiletto into the back of his neck as has been displayed by Mulder. Gunshots only backfire (sorry for the pun) on the shooter as a wound to a ABH caused by shots only exposes the shooter to a deadly retrovirus which seeps out in the form of an icky looking green liquid. There is no one Bounty Hunter - they may be multiple as they can morph into anyone's image. They even appear generations apart in the Unnatural. So it is difficult to keep track of them. The square-jawed ABH that Mulder and Scully keep seeing could actually be a number of different ABHs assuming the same form. The Alien Bounty Hunter's healing qualities are seen in Herrenvolk when it cures Mulder's mother who is lying on her deathbed in a coma.

To Mulder :"Everything Dies"(Herrenvolk)

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