Scott Blevin
Scott Blevin



Name: Section Chief Scott Blevins
Occupation: Section Chief, Office of Professional Responsibility, FBI
Pilot * Deep Throat * Conduit * Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man * Gethsemane * Redux * Redux II

Bio: Scott Blevins is a Section Chief in the Office of Professional Responsibility in the FBI. He first assigned Scully in 1992 to work with Mulder in the X Files division (to debunk Mulder's work) where he was their direct superior. The assignment of Scully was probably on orders from the Cigarette Smoking Man to whom Blevins reported. The Consortium's mole in the FBI, it was his leaked information that caused the deaths of X and Agent Pendrell. In the meanwhile his failure to control the agents led to them being put under the supervision of Assisstant Director Skinner. Mulder eventually learns that Blevins was receiving kickbacks from a Consortium front company called Roush Technologies and comes forward with this information at a meeting where he is being questioned. Blevins finds himself another victim of the Consortium, who can't tolerate failures. He is killed by another of their lackeys.

  • Mulder: "Name Skinner and save myself . . ." Blevins: "That's what I called you here to recommend. As a friend." (Redux II)
  • Mulder (when asked by a committee to name the bad guy): "I can't do that sir, because the section chief is the man I'm about to name." (Redux II)

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