Cigarette Smoking Man
Cigarette Smoking Man Name:C.G.B. Spender
Episodes: Better known as: Cancerman / Cigarette Smoking Man Address: 900 W. Georgia St., Washington D.C. Spouse: Cassandra Spender-divorced Children: Jeffrey Spender Episodes: Pilot * Young at Heart * Tooms * The Erlenmeyer Flask * Little Green Men * Sleepless * Ascension * One Breath * F. Emasculata * Anasazi * The Blessing Way * Paperclip * 731 * Apocrypha * Avatar * Wetwired * Talitha Cumi * Herrenvolk * Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man * Tunguska * Terma * Momento Mori * Zero Sum * Demons * Redux * Redux II * The Red and the Black * The End * The Beginning * Triangle * Two Fathers * One Son * Biogenesis * Amor Fati * Closure * En Ami * Hollywood A.D * Bis Zur Vergasung * Nemesis

Bio:The man behind the cloud of smoke, Cancerman, Cigarette Smoking Man…a man with many names, a man with man purposes, a man of actions and few words. An expert at covering up he first appears in the X-Files on the day Section Chief Scott Blevins assigns Dana Scully to "assist" Fox Mulder. He silently lurks in rooms and alleys puffing away at his Morley's, always keeping an eye on Mulder. A specialist at discrediting anything that doesn't conform with their agenda he is the most visible of the Consortium. Often found in Assistant Director Skinner's office he also hangs out in the basement of the Pentagon, secreting evidence in a vast storehouse of classified materials. He seems to be in charge of Consortium security and has ordered attempts on just about everybody's life.
He believes in what he does…what this is slowly emerging. He seems to have watched JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. die, rigged an Olympics ice-hockey final, killed an alien, water-skied and even had time to dabble in writing, the latter being the most unsuccessful of his endeavours.
Writing under the nom de plume Raul Bloodworth his war and spy novels fetched him mostly rejection slips and one published story. According to Frohike 'Take a Chance: A Jack Colquitt Adventure', was based on Cancerman's (a nickname given to him by Mulder) own life. Success in literature may have given him cause to retire or resign…he never got a chance.
His association with Mulder dates back to William Mulder when they were both stationed at the Center For Special Warfare in North Carolina. Supposedly a visitor to the Mulder household when Fox was young, his relationship with the family is still blurred.
Increasing interference in Mulder's work has led to direct confrontation between them on many occasions as well as an always prevalent tension. Mulder held him responsible for Scully's abduction (One Breath) and nearly shot him dead. Responsibility for Bill Mulder's death may have been his too and he has often tried to harm Mulder and Scully. However this is where the line blurs. He also gives Scully the information on treatment that cures her cancer and helps Mulder's mother recover from a stroke (Herrenvolk). The latter may have been for a purpose though as he felt that Mrs. Mulder's death would mean the loss of Fox's remaining family, bringing danger as "the fiercest enemy is the man who has nothing left to lose." Another reason may have been an implied but never confirmed affair they may have had. * He also constantly warns the Consortium against killing Mulder supposedly because as a martyr he would be more dangerous. Cancer is not an unfamiliar thing for him, having suffered with lung cancer until he was cured by Jeremiah Smith (a morphing alien). His mother too died of cancer. His father was executed for treason for aiding the Nazis and after his mother's death he grew up in orphanages all over the United States. His present family ties are not to clear though he did come forward as Agent Spender's father and links to Samantha and even Fox Mulder have been suggested. *
His menace may be fading, however. The Consortium sick of his failures and his bad handling of Mulder attempt to eliminate him. We see the apparent assassination of him, then find out he is actually hiding out in a log cabin somewhere. Alex Krycek is sent to bring him back when he is needed again. After that though his relationship with both The Well-Manicured Man (the man he answers to) and Alex Krycek (his tool who has turned against him) is unclear. On his return he has become more powerful but after most of the Consortium is killed he escapes only to try and expand his powerbase.

  • To Bill Mulder: "Deny Everything"
  • In Musings of a CSM : "Life is like a box of chocolates; a useless, frivolous gift that somebody gives you. And if you try to take it back, all you get is another box of chocolates. Oh sure, sometimes there's a caramel, or an English toffee, but too often you are left with a box full of half-eaten cremes and tooth-breaking nuts. And if you get desperate enough to eat those, in the end, all you are left with is a box full of useless brown wrappers."
  • "Don't try and threaten me, Mulder. I've watched presidents die." (Redux II)
  • "Mulder will be back. As long as he lives, he won't give up." (The Beginning)

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