Diana Fowley
Diana Fowley Name: Agent Diana Fowley
The End * The Beginning * Two Fathers * One Son * Biogenesis * The Sixth Extinction * Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati

Bio: Agent Diana Fowley has a background in parapsychology and it is this that causes her involvement in the investigation of the young chess prodigy Gibson Praise (The End). Mulder though has a history with her. Another of his old flames, they were founding partners on the X Files (she apparently requested that he be brought in) and had dated when Mulder left the Academy to join the FBI. Their association ended when she departed for Germany to expose terrorists there. In fact she was sent to investigate MUFON and gather info on European women abducted by extra-terrestrials. She returned to Washington to "tie up some loose ends in her life".
Scully has always been suspicious of her while Mulder often finds excuses for her strange actions. She, like Krycek before her, may be a way of creating a rift between Mulder and Scully. There have been hints of her actually being part of the Consortium though she occasionally is shown as being loyal to Mulder. She also has some kind of hold over him. Scully's suspicions are confirmed when they learn that Diana had a relationship with the Cigarette Smoking Man (One Son) and further find her joining hands with Agent Spender against them. The pair of Fowley and Spender are then given charge of the X Files when it reopens after the removal of Mulder and Scully.
All this seems to have increased the animosity between her and Scully causing a prevailing tension between Mulder and Scully over her. This has also made her, like Krycek, one of the most hated characters with fans. Despite now working against Mulder, her true feelings are learnt whenshe pledges her love to him not knowing that he had heard her (Sixth Extinction). She questions her motives and helps Scully revive Mulder only to be murdered for doing so (Amor Fati).

  • Scully: (Referring to Diana) Then you know her.
    Byers: Well . . . yeah.
    Frohike: She was . . . Mulder's chickadee when he just got out of the Academy. (The End)
  • Fowley: I'm thinking, Agent Scully. I'm always thinking. (Amor Fati)

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