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Bio: Deep Throat, named after the Watergate informant is a shadowy informant who first appears in the self-titled episode Deep Throat. The first true Mulder-helper, his dealings with him initiated the direction of The X Files.
Acting almost as a mentor, he lured Mulder and Scully into cases that they might otherwise have ignored by dangling interesting pieces of information before them. Often directing their line of inquiry albeit indirectly, he would also distract them if they went places he didn't want them to investigate. Though an important source of information he gave up information as and when it suited him.
His motives for helping Mulder are blurred….he claimed to be helping Mulder to uncover the truth. Whether he was doing so or actually hindering Mulder's work was never made clear…what was certain was that he always kept an eye on him. He claimed (E.B.E.)his motive was to clear his troubled conscience after having killed an alien (being one of only three people to have done so). He felt that the truth should be known, however some truths should be kept hidden for the good of everyone.
Despite claiming to have enough power to get Mulder seats at "any (baseball) park in the country", his contacts and sphere of influence were never made clear. Manipulative and mysterious, he was done away with in the first season itself in the season finale The Erlenmeyer Flask. The Consortium finding a leak in their organization, smoke him out by kidnapping Mulder. Sacrificing his life for Mulder he is shot….gone but not forgotten.

  • To Mulder:
    • Deep Throat's first words: "I came here to give you some valuable advice."
    • Deep Throat's last words: "Trust No One."
    • "The Truth will be known." (E.B.E.)

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