First Elder Name: Unknown
Known as: First Elder
The Blessing Way * Paperclip * 731 * Apocrypha * Herrenvolk * Zero Sum * Redux * Redux II * Patient X * The Red and the Black * The End * The Beginning * Two Fathers

Bio: The First Elder is the Italian representative in the Consortium. Spending much of his time thinking of the secrets they keep and the danger of them being revealed, he is generally the calmest of the lot. Seldom losing his cool, his actions are mostly calculated and deliberate. The only person who really tries his patience is the Cigarette Smoking Man whose assassination he eventually orders. This backfired on him when the CSM survives and is reinstated by the Consortium when they need his help over a security matter. CSM returns in fact to more power. The last we see of the First Elder is when he is killed by an alien rebel(Two Fathers).

  • "Mulder believes." (Fight the Future)
  • "This isn't supposed to be." (Two Fathers)

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