Name: Assistant Director Alvin Kersh
Occupation: Assistant Director, Office of Professional Responsibility, FBI
The Beginning * Drive * Triangle * Dreamland * Tithonius * One Son

Bio: Alvin Kersh is a high ranking member of the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility. Mulder and Scully's third supervisor, Assistant Director Kersh was part of a panel that had investigated Mulder and Scully's unorthodox methods before. Severe and dictatorial, he is a stickler for procedure. When he is assigned to supervise Mulder and Scully after they are removed from the X Files division, he assigns them terrorist details and background checks to do. This he does in an attempt to control them and to prevent them from using their unconventional ways. He doesn't really succeed in this - like before they always find a way. Eventually, after the El Rico Air Force Base massacre of most of the Consortium and after the resignation of Spender, he reluctantly reassigns Mulder and Scully to the X Files.

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