The Lone Gunmen The Lone Gunmen are the most loyal and longest lasting of the Mulder-helpers. Conspiracy theorists their musings are often wild. Mulder calls them when he needs to know the latest rumours and theories. Truth is as rare as trust with them…lying is ok if it serves their purpose. They edit 'The Lone Gunman' and the 'The Magic Bullet' and are rarely seen in daylight. Having met Mulder in the Unusual Suspects they often help Scully and him with information.

E.B.E. * Blood * One Breath * Anasazi * Paperclip * Nisei * Apocrypha * Wetwired * Momemto Mori * Redux * Redux II * Unusual Suspects * Kill Switch * The End * Triangle * Dreamland II * One Son * Three of a Kind * Field Trip * First Person Shooter * En Ami * Acid Dreams * Bis Zur Vergasung * Nemesis

John Byers

John Byers
The best - dressed lone gunmen, neat and dapper, he seems out of place among his partners who look like they've just returned from a grunge concert. Byers is the expert on information systems and the military and worked for the government till 1989. He was named after JFK (Unusual Suspects) although before the assassination, his parents were going to call him Bertam. He is the one who initiated the forming of the group when he asked Frohike and then Langly to help him hack into top-secret government computers at the urging of a woman called Suzanne Modeski. What they find there led them to form the group.
Despite looking like a professor who has wandered into a CIA rendezvous by mistake, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of conspiracy theory and current speculation ranging from the Kennedy assassination to the latest in DNA research. Byers is best described by the guy who plays him, Bruce Harwood who says, "His whole life focus is on maintaining The Long Gunmen office and the newsletter." Sometimes sympathetic, sometimes sardonic, he is the least humorous of the Gunmen. It is rare to see him even smile. Astute and matter-of-fact along with being intelligent and calm he is the most believable of the lot.

Additional Episodes:Fearful Symmetry * Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man
Quote: "That's why we like you, Mulder: Your ideas are weirder than ours."

Melvin Frohike

Melvin Frohike
The Lone Gunmen member with the worst name, Frohike, formerly a cable salesman, is the expert on photography and surveillance. Short and scruffy, feet clad in combat boots, he has been called the Frog Prince of the group. He is the main contact with Mulder.
Looking like a dirty old man, he behaves like that when faced with Scully who he has a major crush on. Leering at her since E.B.E he will go to any lengths to get close to her…even as far as only loaning Mulder a pair of night-vision goggles after he had obtained Scully's phone number from him. His tender side comes to the fore only with Scully, bringing her flowers when she lay in the hospital. (One Breath) His best dialogs are with Mulder who mercilessly teases him especially about his crush on Scully.

Additional Episodes:Fearful Symmetry * The Blessing Way * Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man * Emily
  • To Mulder: "If you see the lovely agent Scully, tell her I've been working out. I'm buff." (Fearful Symmetry)
  • Frohike: So, Mulder, where's your little partner?
    Mulder: She wouldn't come. She's afraid of her love for you.
    Frohike: She's tasty.
    Mulder: You know, Frohike, it's men like you that give perversion a bad name. (Blood)

Ringo Langly

Ringo Langly
The communications specialist of The Lone Gunmen group, Ringo Langly hardly looks like he could be a conspirator in anything. With long blonde hair, hard rock t-shirts galore and black-rimmed spectacles he looks like an untidy nerd. Before he joined up with the Gunmen he sold illegal cable devices.
Probably the most paranoid of the Gunmen, he's doesn't entirely trust Mulder but jokes with him the most. Along with being most paranoid and most humourous he's also the weirdest refusing to attend a meeting (Fearful Symmetry) because of a "philosophical aversion to having his image bounced off a satellite." He automatically records every incoming phone call, and is evidently as conversant with current conspiracy theory as his two co-conspirators.

Quote: To Mulder: "let's hop on the Internet to nitpick the scientific inaccuracies" (of a new science fiction show.)

The Thinker

The Thinker
Real name Kenneth Soona, Byers describes him as "an anarchist and a snoop." He was named after one of the show's early online fans - Yung Jun Kim, who went by the nickname DuhThinker. The most short-lived of the Gunmen, he is acknowledged to be one of them in the episode Anasazi.
The computer hacker of the group, his interests seem to encompass genetic engineering correctly identifying Scully as having branched DNA in One Breath He was killed, execution style by a special ops unit after hacking into the Defense Dept's computer systems and downloading the MJ files which had a detailed account of all the UFO intelligence efforts of the government and military. Before dying he manages to give Mulder a digital audiotape with the files on it thus ensuring hiss immortality in the X Files.

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