Margaret Scully Name: Margaret Scully
Nickname: Maggie
Occupation: Unknown
Spouse: William Scully
Children: Bill Jnr., Melissa, Dana, Charles
Beyond the Sea * Ascension * One Breath * The Blessing Way * Paper Clip * Wetwired * Memento Mori * Gethsemane * Redux II * Christmas Carol * Emily

Bio: Margaret Scully or Maggie as she was called by her husband, Captain Bill Scully is the mother of Dana Scully and her three siblings. Her family is everything to her and she has devoted her life to being a good wife and mother. Unlike the Mulders, the Scully family is content and secure in their relationships with each other. Mrs. Scully is probably responsible for that. She has gone through a lot since the start of The X Files…the sudden death of her husband, the brutal shooting of one daughter and the abduction and near-death of the other. Though soft-spoken, she is determined and strong-willed. This aspect of her is seen in One Breath when Scully lies dying and an enraged Mulder is raving at everyone and everything. Despite this though she is almost totally shattered when she learns of Dana's cancer, fearing the loss of her only surviving daughter. Her relationship with Dana is one of support and understanding. Probably closest to her, emotionally and residentially, she has a strong intuition when it comes to her younger daughter (Duane Barry - Scully's abduction). Her motherly concern often stretches to Mulder as well and the feeling seems mutual as she is one of the only people who calls him Fox…and he doesn't seem to mind.

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