Marita Covarrubias Name: Marita Covarrubias
Occupation: Special Representative of the Secretary General, UN
Herrenvolk * Teliko * Tunguska * Unrequited * Zero Sum * Patient X * The Red and the Black * One Son * Bis Zur Vergasung * Nemesis

Bio: MARITA COVARRUBIAS, a special representative with the United Nations contacts Agent Fox Mulder after his informant, Mr. X, scrawls the mysterious acronym, SRSG in his own blood. Marita is the Special Representative to the Secretary General or SRSG and has been dubbed the Uniblonder by fans. Marita is Mulder's third informant and one more Mulder-helper. Her job enables her to be up to date with all the latest rumors and gossip. She is apparently there on behalf of the Consortium to tell Mulder "what he wants to hear".
Not much is known about Marita and for a while one wonders exactly who she is working forů.glimpses of her indicates that she indulges in double-dealing frequently and is more like a free agent. We see her with the Consortium but in The Red and The Black she steals a boy, Dmitri from Alex Krychek to turn him over to Agent Mulder. This boy was a witness to the conspiracy's plans. Unfortunately for Marita, her plans are upset when through the boy she becomes infected with the mysterious "black oil". She's given the antidote that the Consortium obtains from Krycek but becomes a human guinea pig for them. Lately she's been seen trying to escape from the prison hospital with the help of Agent Spender after the death of most of the Consortium.
Her relationship with Krycek only becomes apparent in Patient X. Before that there was no indication of them even knowing each other but we see them kissing passionately in Patient X. However this relationship may have also been part of Marita's plan - Krycek could provide her with additional information and opportunities. She double-crosses him in The Red and The Black stealing Dmitri (his bargaining tool with the Consortium) from right under his nose. Their present relationship is not known.

  • "Not everything dies, Mr Mulder" (Herrenvolk)

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