Melissa Scully Name: Melissa Scully
Nickname: Missy
Hair: Red
Occupation: Unknown
Parents: Capt. William & Margaret Scully
Siblings: Bill Jnr., Dana & Charles Scully

Bio: First appearing at her dying sister's bedside in One Breath, Melissa Scully is an antithesis of Dana Scully. Unlike her younger sister who believes that science has an answer for everything, Melissa believes in the benefits of the spiritual world and mysticism. It is while practicing this belief at Scully's bedside that she first comes across Mulder. Despite being open to the paranormal unlike her sister, her attempt at communing with Scully's spirit irritates Mulder who thinks she babbles. Inspite of his dismissing her New Age views, she does manage to convince Mulder that all paths do not lie in the dark. Her appearance in The X Files is cut short when she is shot dead by Alex Krycek who mistakes her for her sister. This fact leads to Scully constantly blaming herself for Missy's death saying: "She died for me."

  • To Mulder:
    "I don't have to be psychic to see that you're in a very dark place." (One Breath)

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