Samantha Mulder Name: Samantha Mulder
Date of Birth: November 21, 1965
Date of Abduction: November 27, 1973
X Files Case Number: X-42053
Parents: Tina & William Mulder
Siblings: Fox William Mulder

Bio: Samantha Ann is Fox Mulder's younger sister by four years and was the apple of his eye. Her abduction on November 27th 1973, at the age of eight, while they were playing Stratego and watching TV tore the Mulder family apart. Never talked about and repressed in Mulder's memory it still affected him enough for him to give up a promising career to devote his time with The X Files…all in an attempt to find his sister. His memories about the fateful night are brought back after a hypnosis session with Dr. Heitz Werber in 1989. In his sessions he sees her suspended in the air and slowly moving, lying horizontally, out of the window surrounded a bright glow.
Believing that her abduction was caused by unexplained phenomenon, he felt that the Files held the answer to her disappearance and gave him the opportunity to search for his sister. Grasping every shred of information, and often risking his life, Mulder listens to faith healers (Miracle Man), suspected serial murderers (Paper Hearts) and UFO abductees (Duane Barry)…anyone who may have come across her. He finally catches glimpses of her, first in Colony and End Game…what he later finds are clones, apparently there to establish a colony of alien clones on earth.
Details of the motive for her abduction have been provided by Mrs. Mulder who tells her son that her husband had asked her to make a choice between her two children. She claims that Samantha was then taken as insurance to prevent William Mulder from exposing a secret project and as a guarantee of his cooperation.
Time and events have shaken Mulder's faith in Samantha's continued existence, but as he tells Scully-the questions that his search has raised has given him faith to keep looking.

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