Tina Mulder
Name: Tina Mulder
Occupation: Unknown
Spouse: William Mulder
Children: Fox William, Samantha Ann
2790 Vine Street
Chilmark, Massachusetts

Bio: Mrs. Mulder, played by Rebecca Toolan, is Fox Mulder's mother. Her character despite being around for awhile is not clearcut. We are not even sure of her first name -she is called Tina in Kitsunegari but on being hospitalised in Herrenvolk her tag says she is Elizabeth Mulder.
The ever suffering Mrs. Mulder has seen much in her life. The only surviving and not abducted member of Fox Mulder's family, she has gone through a strained marriage and eventual separation, a cold husband, a daughter's abduction, a son's antagonism, a stroke and possibly an affair or two. Her husband asking her to choose which child she loved less didn't endear him to her either (Paperclip). Later William Mulder makes the choice himself when he choses Samantha who is abducted in November 1973. It affects Mrs. Mulder deeply and leads to her separation from William Mulder and her vow that she would never again enter their summer residence in Quonochontaug, Rhode Island.
She seems to have had a relationship with the Cigarette Smoking Man as well. When the CSM leaves after they have a heated discussion at the Mulder summer residence (Talitha Cumi), she suffers a stroke and is taken to hospital after X, watching in the shadows, calls 911. CSM appears in the hospital and gets her healed by the alien bounty hunter. Whether he does that because of their relationship or out of fear of Mulder's revenge is not made clear.

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