Well Manicured Man Name: Unknown
Known as: Well Manicured Man
The Blessing Way * Paper Clip * Apocrypha * Tunguska * Terma * Patient 'X' * The Red and the Black * The End * En Ami

Bio: The Well Manicured Man, introduced in The Blessing Way, is the most distinguished member of the Consortium. His name has never been uttered on the show and his nickname is a testament to his well-groomed person, neat hair and face. Generally the spokesman for the Consortium ( which he describes as a"consortium representing global interests"), he is also generally the person who relays orders and information to the Cigarette Smoking Man. He does not seem to like CSM too much and often reprimands him for the mistakes he makes. He has appeared in eight episodes as well as the X Files movie where he is killed when the car he is sitting in explodes.
He first appears at Mulder's father's funeral (who he knew) warning Scully of a plot to kill her telling her that this compulsive action of the Consortium would bring it unnecessary attention. At this point he assumes that Mulder is already dead. He is later seen getting information from Victor Klemper that Mulder is still alive.
He is another confusing character, one who still seems to have a conscience. While deeply involved with the Consortium, he does disagree with some of their strategy. His major disagreement with them is over their plan to work with the aliens while trying to find their weakness.
In Apocrypha he sets up a meeting with Mulder to give him information about the U.F.O. He is next seen living on a farm in Tunguska and Terma with his personal physician Dr. Bonita Charne Sayre who is also a well-known authority on virues. When she is killed by Vassily Peskow (a former KGB assassin) WMM orders CSM to find the killer.
Later we find out something about "the project" and one of WMM's motives. He wants to prevent the Alien Colonists from taking over the earth and in order to do so he confronts Alex Krycek on board a ship, where he demands from him a vaccine against the "black oil" which is used by the aliens to control people. Krycek hands over this vaccine, developed by the Russians, in return for his freedom (The Red and the Black). He later uses Krycek as his driver in The End. He uses the vaccine to cure Marita Covarrubias of the black cancer she is infected with.
His final and most confusing action occurs in the movie Fight the Future when Scully is abducted and Mulder has no clue of her whereabouts. He helps Mulder out, hoping to save his family as well when the alien colonization began in earnest. He meets him in a dark alley behind a bar and tells him Scully's location and gives him the vaccine to fight the aliens. In one of the most dramatic scenes of the movie, as soon as he shares this information, his car blows up and he is killed in the explosion. Since then it has been hinted that he took his own life knowing he would be killed anyway when the rest of the Consortium found out about his betrayal.

  • To Cancerman when a problem crops up:
    "My God, you presume to make us believe you can simply fix it with enough bullets?" (Paperclip)
  • To Scully:
    " We predict the future, and the best way to predict the future is to invent it." (The Blessing Way)

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