Name: Brendan Joseph Beiser

Character in the X Files: Agent Pendrell

Date of Birth: April 17, 1970

Place of Birth: Boston, MA

Currently Resident in: Vancouver, BC (he moved from Boston to Vancouver at age seven)

Education: Brendan attended Concordia University in Montreal. He's also had theatrical training under the supervision of William B. Davis (aka Cancerman) and Mark Bauer at the William Davis Centre for Actor's Study in Vancouver.

Family: Mother, Father, and two older brothers. His ancestors came from Poland and Russia, gradually spreading out across North America and Europe. Beiser himself has a mother, father, and two older brothers. His maternal uncle is a former 60 minutes producer and two of his cousins follow the same showbiz route, one being a stage actress, the other a cinematographer. Some relative of his (exact relating process unknown) is a television director, behind such shows as "Ally McBeal" and "Party of Five." He moved from Boston to Vancouver when he was 7-years-old.

Filmography: Brendan Beiser, is also a stage and movie actor. One of his latest theatre efforts was ”Aardvark!, a stage play and short film for the festival circuit that he wrote and starred in with friend Trevor White. He has a production company - Duck, a Whale (founded by Brendan and friend Trevor White). He had a bit part in Excess Baggage. His movies due 2000 are Ice Angel and Head Over Heels.
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Favourite Foods: Toffee and sea bass

X Files trivia: Though Pendrell's name has never been mentioned, Brendan thinks it's Peter while others think its Sean or Danny. He had tried out for "The X-Files" several times before landing a role in the episode "Nisei".

Favorite actresses: Glenn Close and Elizabeth Shue.

Favorite band: Canadian alternative band, Moist.

Address: Studio Fan Mail/Brendan Beiser 1122 South Robertson Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90035

Hardcore fan group: The Pendrells (

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