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The Jersey Devil 1 x 04
Episode: The Jersey Devil   Episode Number: 1x04   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Jersey Devil
Writing: Chris Carter  Direction: Joe Napolitano  Original US Airdate: 08 Oct 1993  Nielsen Rating: 6.6
Location: Atlantic City, NJ Title Explanation : From the myth of the Jersey Devil that haunts New Jersey
Mulder and Scully track a legendary creature that has roamed the New Jersey countryside forover forty years.


Scully: "Working hard, Mulder?"
Mulder: (indicating to centerfold) "This woman claims to have been taken aboard a space ship and held in an anti-gravity chamber without food and water for three days."
Scully: (Looking sideways at magazine) "Antigravity's right. Sorry to interrupt your serious investigation. But I just heard a story that'd just take your knees out."
Mulder: "What's that?"
Scully: "They found a body in the New Jersey woods yesterday, missing its right arm and shoulder. They think they may have been eaten off . . . by a human."
Mulder: "Where in New Jersey?"
Scully: "Just outside Atlantic City."
Mulder: "Not an uncommon place to loose a body part." ---

Mulder: "Hey, what do you say we grab a hotel, take in a floor show, drop a few quarters in the slots, do a little digging on this case."
Scully: "You're kidding right?"
Mulder: "Okay, we can skip the floor show."
Scully: "Mulder, I have to be back in DC."
Mulder: "You got a date?"
Scully: "No. I have my godson's birthday party at 6:30." ---

Ellen: "What about that guy you work with?
Scully: "Mulder?"
Ellen: "I thought you said he was cute."
Scully: "He's a jerk. He's not a jerk, he's um . . . obsessed with his work." ---

Scully: "Well I have to get back to Washington by 7:30, so, um . . ."
Mulder: "Got another birthday party?"
Scully: "No. I have a date."
Mulder: "Can you cancel?"
Scully: "Unlike you Mulder, I would like to have a life."
Mulder: "I have a life!" ---

Mulder: "Who was that on the phone?"
Scully: "A guy."
Mulder: "A guy. Same guy as the guy you had dinner with the other night?"
Scully: "Same guy."
Mulder: "You going to have dinner with him again?"
Scully: "I don't think so."
Mulder: "No interest?"
Scully: "Not at this time."
Mulder: (Walking to the door) "What are you doing?"
Scully: "Going with you to the Smithsonian."
Mulder: "Don't you have a life, Scully?"
Scully: "Keep that up, Mulder, and I'll hurt you like that beast woman." ---

Mulder: "Eight million years out of Africa . . ."
Scully: (Holding door open for him) "And look who's holding the door."

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