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Space 1 x 08
Episode: Space   Episode Number: 1x08   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Alien spirit
Writing: Chris Carter  Direction: William Graham  Original US Airdate: 12 Nov 1993  Nielsen Rating: 6.5
Location: Cape Canaveral, Florida ; Houston Title Explanation : Events occur partly in space and in NASA
When a space shuttle mission is sabotaged, Mulder suspects it maybe the work of an evil extraterrestrial spirit that inhabits the body of a former Gemini astronaut.


Mulder: ". . . to deny us evidence"
Scully: "Evidence of what?"
Mulder: "Alien civilization"
Scully: "Oh, of course." ---

Mulder: "You never wanted to be an astronaut when you were a kid, Scully?"
Scully: "Guess I must have missed that phase." ---

Mulder: "I have to admit, that fulfilled ONE of my boyhood fantasies."
Scully: "Yeah, ranks right up there with getting a pony and learning to braid my own hair."
Mulder: "Come on Scully, you have to admit that was exciting. Mission control, the countdown." ---

Scully: "It's an oxygen leak. Even *I* can figure out what happens if they run out of oxygen."

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