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Eve 1 x 10
Episode: Eve   Episode Number: 1x10   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Eves, The Project
Writing: Kenneth Biller,Chris Brancato Direction: Fred Gerber  Original US Airdate: 10 Dec 1993  Nielsen Rating: 6.8
Location: Greenwich, CT ; San Francisco, CA Title Explanation : Refer to the genetically controlled girls dubbed Eve and numbered
Mulder and Scully search for two girls who disappeared after their fathers were murdered in an identical fashion.


Scully: "That's over four liters of blood."
Mulder: "Could say the guy was running on empty." ---

Scully: "She was kipnapped from the social services home around 11:00pm last night. Looks like someone was afraid she might remember too much."
Mulder: "Someone or SOMETHING Scully?"
Scully: "Connecticut state troopers set up roadblocks within half an hour. Nothing."
Mulder: "Maybe they weren't looking in the right direction." (Points up) ---

Mulder: "And one of those girls was just abducted."
Scully: "Kidnapped."
Mulder: "Pa-tay-toe, pah-tah-toe" ---

Scully: "Mulder, you're rushing me out of the room."
Mulder: "No I'm not."
Scully: "Do you have a girl coming over?"
Mulder: "What's a girl? I've got a movie I want to watch on TV. Sleep tight." ---

Mulder: "What are you doing here?"
Deep Throat: "Thought we might take in a Warriors game." ---

Eve 6: "Unlock the chains . . . and then we'll talk."
Mulder: "They're probably there for a good reason."
Eve 6: "No. bad reason. I paid too much attention to a guard. Bit into his eyeball. I meant it as a sign of affection." ---

Eve 6: "This replication of chromosomes also produces additional genes. Heightened strength, heightened intelligence. ."
Mulder: "Heightened psychosis."
Eve 6: "Saved the best for last." ---

Scully: "I could use some caffeine." ---

Mulder: "Back off, I'm a Federal Agent."
Trucker: "Yeah, and these are America's Most Wanted. Hands in front. Now let the girls go."
Woman: "Get in the truck girls. Get in. I'm going to call the police."
Scully: "We ARE the police!" ---

Mulder: "Forget your sodas?"
Cindy: "We didn't do anything wrong."
Teena: "We're just little girls."
Mulder: "That's the LAST thing you are."

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