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Fire 1 x 11
Episode: Fire   Episode Number: 1x11   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Cecil L'Ively
Writing: Chris Carter  Direction: Larry Shaw  Original US Airdate: 17 Dec 1993  Nielsen Rating: 6.8
Location: Cape Cod, Massachussetts Title Explanation : Cecil has the ability to control and conduct fire
Mulder and Scully join forces with an inspector from Scotland Yard when a man with pyrokinetic powers stalks members of the British aristocracy.


Scully: "Oh, I forgot what it was like to spend a day in court."
Mulder: "That's one of the luxuries to hunting down aliens and genetic mutants - you rarely get to press charges." ---

Mulder: "That's weird. I was sure I locked it."
Scully: "Must be an X-File." --- (Mulder finds a cassette in the car.)
Scully: "What do you think it is?"
Mulder: "Ten to one you can't dance to it." ---

Mulder: "Dana Scully, this is Phoebe Green. The terror of Scotland Yard."
Scully: "Hello."
Phoebe (whispering in Mulder's ear): "She hates me." ---

Scully: "Mulder, you just keep unfolding like a flower." ---

Scully: "I notice you drop everything fast enough in order to help her out."
Mulder: "I was merely extending her a professional courtesy."
Scully: "Oh, is that what you were extending?" ---

Scully: "So, Sherlock, is the game afoot?"
Mulder: " 'Fraid so, Watson." ---

Scully: "So she shows up knowing the power she has over you and then she makes you walk through fire."
Mulder: "Phoebe is fire." ---

Phoebe: "Oh, come one don't tell me left you sense of humor in Oxford ten years ago."
Mulder: "No, actually, that's one of the things you didn't manage drive a stake through." ---

Scully: (In Phoebe accent off screen) "Care to take me to lunch?" (Normal) "Scare you?"
Mulder: "You have no idea . . ." ---

Nurse: "Can I get you anything, sir?"
Cecil: "I'm just dying for a cigarette." ---

Scully: "Well, never let it be said that you wouldn't walk through fire for a woman, Mulder."
Mulder: "And never let it be said that I wouldn't do it for you again, Scully." - Fire (original script)

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