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Darkness Falls 1 x 19
Episode: Darkness Falls   Episode Number: 1x19   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Insect-like creatures
Writing: Chris Carter  Direction: Joe Napolitano  Original US Airdate: 15 Apr 1994 Nielsen Rating: 8.0
Location: Washington State  Title Explanation : The creatures attack when darkness falls
A group of loggers working in a remote forest unearth thousands of deadly insect-like creatures that paralyze -- and then cocoon -- their victims.


(Mulder shows Scully slides of missing loggers.)
Scully: "What am I looking at?"
Mulder: "Thirty loggers working a clearcutting contract in Washington state - rugged manly men in the full bloom of manhood."
Scully: "Right, but what am I looking for?"
Mulder: "Anything strange, unexplainable, unlikely . . . a boyfriend." ---

Mulder: "I don't think even Bigfoot could choke down that much flannel." ---

Mulder: "Come on, Scully. It'll be a nice trip to the forest." ---

Scully: "What kind of insect could have gotten a man all the way up in a tree?" Mulder: "Itsy bitsy spider . . ." ---

Scully (looking at a dissected corpse): "It's male."
Mulder: "Barely." ---

Scully: "Oh, *brain* sucking parasites." ---

Scully: "What do you think?"
Mulder: "I think I'm gonna suggest we sleep with the lights on." ---

Mulder: "And I told her it would be a nice trip to the forest."

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