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Roland 1 x 22
Episode: Roland   Episode Number: 1x22   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Roland Fuller
Writing: Chris Ruppenthal Direction: David Nutter  Original US Airdate: 06 May 1994 Nielsen Rating: 7.9
Location: Colson, Washington ; Seattle, WA Title Explanation : Reference to Roland Fuller
When top scientists at an aeronautics research lab die under mysterious circumstances, the Agents suspect a mentally-challenged janitor may somehow be the culprit.


Mulder: "How was the wedding?"
Scully: "You mean the part where the groom passed out or the dog bit the drummer."
Mulder: "Did you catch the boquet?"
Scully: "Maybe." ---

Scully: "Okay, but how is this an X-File . . . Mulder you don't think this is anything to why UFO technology?"
Mulder: "There's something unexplainable here Scully, but certainly not unidentifiable." ---

Mulder: "Hey Roland, you got more shirts than I've got. (Holds up a shirt for Roland to wear.) I think this would look stylin' today. Whadda ya think?" ---

Roland: "People die. They go away. And they're not supposed to come back." ---

Mulder: "Well if he had intentions to kill Nollette, Keats and Surnow, why not set it up to appear the least likely suspect?" Scully: "Yeah. By the look of this, (holds up picture of car crash) he's hamburger." ---

Mulder: "You've got a brother, don't you, Scully?"
Scully: "Yeah, I have an older one and a younger one."
Mulder: "Have you ever thought about calling one of them all day and then the phone rings and it's one of them?"
Scully: "Does this pitch somehow end with a way for me to lower my long distance charges?"
Mulder: "I believe in psychic connections. Closest of all between family members."
Scully: "OK, maybe, but in this case one family member has closer ties to a frozen fudgesicle than he does to his own brother." ---

Scully: "OK let's go. I have to call my brother." ---

Mulder: "We've got to find Nollette."
Scully: "Let's talk to campus security."
Mulder: "We go this way?" (Mulder heads in the wrong direction.)
Scully: "No. We go left."

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