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Little Green Men 2 x 01
Episode: Little Green Men   Episode Number: 2x01   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: The Project
Writing: Glen Morgan,James Wong Direction: David Nutter  Original US Airdate: 16 Sept 1994 Nielsen Rating: 10.3
Location: Arecibo, Puerto Rico; Quantico, VI; Chilmark, MA; Title Explanation : Slang for aliens from outer space
Mulder travels to Puerto Rico in advance of a beret team out to destroy evidence of an extraterrestrial encounter.


Student: "Are you OK Agent Scully? You kinda sounded a little 'spooky'." ---

Mulder: "We wanted to listen . . . I wanted to believe, but the tools had been taken away. the X-Files had been shut down. They closed our eyes. Our voices have been silenced. Our ears now deaf to the realms of extreme possibilities." ---

(In parking garage)
Mulder: "Four dollars for the first hour of parking is criminal. What you've got better be worth at least 45 minutes."
Scully: "You know, Mulder, from back there you look like him."
Mulder: "Him?"
Scully: "Deep Throat."
Mulder: "He's dead, Scully. I attended his funeral at Arlington through 8-power binoculars from 1000 yards away. Now the picture frame was turned down, you wanted to talk? What have you found?"
Scully: "I wanted to talk but I haven't found anthing."
Mulder: "It's dangerous for us just to have a little chat." ---

Scully: "What makes you think they care about us anymore, anyway?"
Mulder: "So why have you bothered to come here covertly?"
Scully: "Because I realize that it was the only way that you would see me." ---

Mulder: ". . . Actually the idea was presented to Hale one night while he was playing billiards. An elf climbed in his window and told him to get money from the Rockefeller Foundation for a telescope."
Scully: "And you're worried that all your life you've been seeing elves?"
Mulder: "In my case, little green men." ---

Mulder: "Seeing is not enough, I should have something to hold onto. Some solid evidence. I learned that from you." ---

Scully: "Mulder, even if George Hale only saw elves in his mind, the telescope still got built. Don't give up . . . And next time we meet out in the open." ---

Sen. Matheson: "Do you know this, Fox?"
Mulder: "Bach, Brandenburg Concerto Number 3."
Matheson: "Two."
Mulder: "Good thing it wasn't a Double Jeopardy question." ---

Senator Matheson: "Do you like Bach Mulder?"
Mulder: "I live for Bach." ---

Scully: "I was told by the Assistant Director that Mulder was gone."
Agent: "So?"
Scully: "So, whenever he's away I feed his fish." ---

Agent: "Just dump it in the tank."
Scully: "That would be bad for the fish." ---

Mulder: "Don't touch that red button Jorge . . . nojo on the rojo." ---

Mulder: "I wanted to believe but the tools have been taken away." ---

Mulder: "I was sent here by one of those people. Deep Throat said, 'Trust no one'. That's hard Scully. Suspecting everyone . . . everything. It wears you down. You even begin to doubt what you know is the truth . . . Before, I could only trust myself. Now I can only trust you. And they've taken you away from me." ---

Scully: "Evidence is worthless if you're dead." ---

Scully: "You still have nothing."
Mulder: "I may not have the X-File, Scully, but I still have my work . . . I still have you . . . I still have myself."

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