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Sleepless 2 x 04
Episode: Sleepless   Episode Number: 2x04   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Augustus Cole
Writing: Howard Gordon  Direction: Rob Bowman  Original US Airdate: 07 Oct 1994 Nielsen Rating: 8.6
Location: New York, NY ; Quantico, VI Title Explanation : Cole is a victim of sleep deprivation experiments
Mulder searches for a Vietnam vet who can project his conciousness into other people's minds.


Krycek: "I don't appreciate being ditched like somebody's bad date."
Mulder: "Sorry if I hurt your feelings."
Krycek: "Where do you get off copping this attitude? I mean, you don't know the first thing about me."
Mulder: "Exactly."
Krycek: "You know, back at the academy, some of the guys used to make fun of you."
Mulder: "Oh, stop it, or you're going to hurt *my* feelings." ---

Mulder: "All right, what do you want to know?"
Krycek: "Just the truth. You know there's things you're not telling me that I need to know."
Mulder: "It's just that my ideas usually aren't very popular." ---

X: "The truth is still out there, but it's never been more dangerous." ---

Scully: "Even if you're right, you'll have a much better chance of finding Cole if you work up a profile and try and surmise his next move."
Mulder: "All right, I'll sharpen my pencils and I'll see you later . . ." ---

Scully: "Sounds like your new partner's working out."
Mulder: "He's all right. He could use a little more seasoning and some, uh, wardrobe advice. But he's a lot more open to extreme possibilities than . . ."
Scully: ". . . then I was?"
Mulder: "Than I assumed he would be."
Scully: "Must be nice not having someone questioning your every move, poking holes in all your theories?"
Mulder: "Oh oh, yeah . . . i-i-it's great, a-ah I'm surprised I put up with you so long. . ."
(Very long and a bit sad pause)
Scully: "You better go . . ." ---

Krycek: ". . . Scully's a problem . . ."
CSM: "Every problem has a solution."

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