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3   2 x 07
Episode: 3   Episode Number: 2x07   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Kristen, Vampires
Writing: Chris Ruppenthal, Glen Morgan, James Wong Direction: David Nutter  Original US Airdate: 04 Nov 1994 Nielsen Rating: 9.4
Location: Losa Angeles, California Title Explanation : Refers to the vampires representing the father son and the holy spirit. Three had to be together for strength.
Mulder links a series of grisly deaths to a group of modern-day vampires.


Officer: "An FBI agent without a partner?" ---

The Son: "Don't you want to live forever?"
Mulder: "Not if drawstring pants come back into style." ---

Mulder: "It's a stiff price though. Look at yourself, drinking blood, living in darkness, unable to see your reflection in a mirror. Or is that just a myth?" (Pulls out mirror, sees John's reflection).
John: "I can't be seen in no mirror." ---

Mulder: ". . . in another couple of hours, there'll be no escaping the sun, son . . ." ---

Policeman: "What if he turns into a bat and flies out through the bars?" ---

Policeman: "Why don't you go back to your hotel room and get some sleep?"
Mulder: "I didn't check into a hotel room. I don't sleep anymore." ---

Coroner: "You are really upsetting me . . . On several levels." ---

Coroner: (Light bulb on hand) "An old coroner's trick."
Mulder: "I can make a quarter appear from behind your ear . . ."

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