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Red Museum 2x10
Episode: Red Museum   Episode Number: 2x10   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Cult, Alien DNA
Writing: Chris Carter  Direction: Win Phelps  Original US Airdate: 09 Dec 1994 Nielsen Rating: 10.4
Location: Delta Glen, Wisconsin Title Explanation : Name of the cult is Church of the Red Museum
Cattle ranchers in a remote Wisconsin town suspect a religious cult is to blame when local teenagers are drugged and abducted.


Scully: "You know, Mulder, with ribs like these, I'd say the Church Of the Red Museum has their work cut out for them." --

Mulder: "They're Walk-Ins."
Scully: "What are Walk-Ins?"
Mulder: "Believers in soul transference, enlightened spirits that have taken possession of other peoples bodies."
Scully: "But not Nixon?"
Mulder: "No, not even they want to claim Nixon." ---

Mulder: "You know, for a holy man, you've got quite a knack for pissing people off." ---

Kid: "Gotta drain the lizard . . ."
Rick: "What do you want? Applause, man?"

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