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Colony  2 x 16
Episode: Colony   Episode Number: 2x16   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: The Project
Writing: Chris Carter  Story by : David Duchovny, Chris Carter Original US Airdate: 10 Feb 1995 Nielsen Rating: 10.3
Location: Beaufort Sea, Arctic Circle ; Scranton, PA ; Syracuse, NY ; Germantown, MD ; Martha's Vineyard, MA Title Explanation : Refers to the aliens attempts at colonzation
As Mulder searches for a killer capable of altering his shape, a woman who claims to be his long-lost sister suddenly appears.


Mulder: "Oh, hey. I've been looking for you."
Scully: "I was just down the street. Somebody fired more shots at the White House again last night.
Mulder: "You've gotta wonder about a country where even the president has to worry about drive-by shootings." ---

Scully: "I've got a bad feeling about this case, Mulder."
Mulder:"What do you mean?"
Scully: "Well, nothing about it makes sense. We've got 3 deaths of identical victims, no bodies, a virtual non-suspect . ."
Mulder: "Sounds just like an X-File." ---

(After Mulder gets hit by a car)
Scully: "How are you feeling?"
Mulder: "Like I should have used the crosswalk." ---

Scully: "Our `friend' from the CIA is about as unbelievable as his story. As is everything about this case. I mean, whatever happened to `Trust no one'?"
Mulder: "Oh, I changed it to `Trust everyone'. Didn't I tell you?" ---

Mulder: "I think you're being paranoid." ---

Scully: "What are you going to tell Skinner?"
Mulder: "The truth. I got hit by a car." ---

Mulder: "Who is mom talking to?"
Mulder's Father: "Your sister." ---

'Samantha': "Is it too late for a game of Statego?"
Mulder: "It's twenty-two years too late."

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