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Fearful Symmetry 2 x 18
Episode: Fearful Symmetry   Episode Number: 2x18   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Zoo animals
Writing: Steve De Jarnatt Direction: James Whitmore Jr.  Original US Airdate: 24 Feb 1995 Nielsen Rating: 10.1
Location: Fairfield, Idaho  Title Explanation : A phrase from William Blake's poem 'The Tiger'
Animals from a zoo in Idaho are suspected of killing several people, but witnesses claim that the real culprit is a powerful invisible force.


Mulder: "I'd be willing to admit the possibility of a tornado, but it's not really tornado season. I'd even be willing to entertain the notion of a black hole passing over the area or some cosmic anomaly but it's not really black hole season either . . . If I were a betting man, I'd say it was . . ."
Scully: "An invisible elephant?"
Mulder: "I saw David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear once." ---

Scully: "What'cha looking for, Mulder?"
Mulder: "Uhh . . . local paper. I wanna see if David Copperfield is in town." ---

Mulder: "It's all happening at the zoo, Scully." ---

Kyle: ". . . All animals should run free."
Scully: "Even if that means trampling a man to death?"
Kyle: "Maybe he should have gotten out of the way."
Mulder: "I'm sure he would have if he had seen it coming." ---

(Mulder's cell-phone beeps)
Frohike: (Eyebrows up) "If that's the lovely Agent Scully, let her know I've been working out . . . I'm buff!" ---

Scully: "Well that guy really pisses me off."
Mulder: "You OK, Scully?"
Scully: "Yeah . . ."
Mulder: "Calmed down?" ---

(Scully about to perform an autopsy on the elephant)
Scully: "I hope you know what you're getting us into, Mulder."
Mulder: "I'm pretty sure of what we're gonna find."
Scully: "'Cause this isn't exactly in my job description."
Mulder: "Ah, next thing you know they'll be doing it on MTV Sports." ---

Scully: "There's evidence of hyperplasia and the corpus luteum is ruptured." (the elephant was preggers)
Willa: "That's not possible."
Mulder: "Neither is an invisible elephant."

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