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X Files Episodes

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The Calusari 2 x 21
Episode: The Calusari   Episode Number: 2x21   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Michael Holvey
Writing: Sara Charno  Direction: Mike Vejar  Original US Airdate: 14 Apr 1995 Nielsen Rating: 8.3
Location: Murray, VA ; Arlington, VA ; U of Maryland Title Explanation : Refers to the Romanian priests
The agents investigate when a young boy's family is plagued by several tragic accidents .


Mulder: "You see this a helium balloon here and the only thing I learned in kindergarten is when you let them go they float up, up and away. But you see, this is moving away from him. Horizontally."
Scully: "Did you learn about wind in kindergarten?" ---

Scully: "Have you ever heard of Munchausen by Proxy?"
Mulder: "Yeah, my grandfather used to take that for his stomach."

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