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The Blessing Way 3 x 01
Episode: The Blessing Way   Episode Number: 3x01   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: The Project
Writing: Chris Carter  Direction: R.W.Goodwin  Original US Airdate: 22 Sept 1995 Nielsen Rating: 12.3
Location: Two Grey Hills, New Mexico ; New York City Title Explanation : The Indian healing ritual performed on Mulder
As Scully faces possible dismissal from the FBI, a manhunt ensues for the missing agent Mulder.


Mulder: (to Scully in a dream) "I've come back from the dead to continue with you." ---

Scully (to Skinner): "With all due respect, sir, I think you overestimate your position in the chain of command." ---

Scully: "How much have you had to drink?"
[Frohike holds up a near-empty bottle of J&B]
Frohike: "Do you recycle?" ---

Frohike: "He was a good friend. A redwood among mere sprouts. I guess this means he's passing you the torch?"
Scully: "Uh, afraid not. I'm soon to be out of a job."
Frohike: "Those sons of bitches! They're rigging the game."
Scully: "And like rats they just scatter back into the wood pile."
Frohike: "The rats that killed the cat." ---

Deep Throat: "There is truth, you old friend, if that's all you seek. But there's no justice or judgment without which truth is a vast . . . dead . . . hollow." ---

Guard: "Making you come in the front door, are they Agent Scully?"
Scully: "For now." ---

Skinner: "Miss Scully, I think you underestimate the duties and responsibilities of my position as Assistant Director." ---

Guard: "That thing is more sensitive than a toothache . . ." ---

Indian: "You must be careful now to end the ceremony properly. If you leave, you must not do any work, change clothes or bathe for four days."
Mulder: "That's really gonna cut into my social life." ---

Scully: "Threatened enough to murder?"
Well Manicured Man: "Oh my, yes." ---

WMM: "Motives are rarely unselfish."

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