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Apocrypha 3 x 16
Episode: Apocrypha   Episode Number: 3x16   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Crewman: "That thing is still down there. The Navy'll deny it. But you've got to make sure . . . the truth gets out. I can trust you to do that, can't I Mr. Mulder?"
Young CSM: "You can trust all of us . . ." ---

Scully: "I've heard the excuses. I don't care if you and Agent Kolaka have to stand out in the hallway yourselves. This man has to be protected. Okay?" ---

CSM: "What's the prognosis?"
Doctor: "It's just a matter of time. This kind of absorption will have a rapid effect on cellular activity, giving rise to the onset of massive and malignant cancers." ---

CSM: "Have the bodies destroyed."
Doctor: "But sir, these men aren't dead yet!"
CSM: "Isn't that the prognosis?" ---

Mulder: (Wakes up to Scully's smiling face) Guess I'm not dead. ---

Scully: "What's it going to take?"
Agent Kolaka: "At this point? Other than a sign from God?"
Scully: "I've seen stranger things believe me."
Pendrell: "I believe she has." ---

Scully: "Hi. How are you feeling?"
Skinner: "Like someone's been inside my stomach redecorating." ---

Mulder: "It looked great on me in the store." ---

Mulder: "I think that Mrs. Gautier went to Hong Kong under the control of this thing to find Krychek. I know... I know how it sounds."
Scully: "Is anybody NOT looking for Krychek?" ---

Frohike: "Nothin' to it."
Byers: "You should call upon our services more often."
Langly: "We show talent for these G-MAN activities."
Mulder: "You mean if I want somebody whacked on the knee with a lead pipe?"
Frohike: "Only if you want it done right."
Mulder (Opens package): "It's gone." ---

Mulder: Actually it's a phone number. New York City area code. 555-1012. (Hands Frohike pencil) Now don't drop that. It's a finely calibrated piece of investigative equipment. I'm gonna make a phone call . . .
Frohike: (Still holding pencil like Mulder gave it to him) I'll be damned. ---

Agent: "His name is Luis Cardinal. Native of Nicaragua. School of the America's alumni . . ." ---

WMM: "I trust we're alone."
Mulder: "We're all alone in New York City, sir." ---

Scully: "There must be 200 silos out here. And if I'm correct they were all filled with concrete in accord with the disarmament treaty when the base was decommissioned."
Mulder: "I didn't sign any disarmament treaty." ---

Scully: "Where's the concrete."
Mulder: "Apparently nobody else signed that treaty either."
Scully: "One down, 199 silos to go." ---

Mulder: "Actually I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to . . . thank you for everything you did."
Skinner: "You mean me getting shot in the gut?" ---

Scully: "Maybe we do bury the dead alive."

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