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Teso Dos Bichos 3 x 18
Episode: Teso Dos Bichos   Episode Number: 3x18   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Mulder: "Personally, if someone digs me up in 1000 years, I hope there's a curse on them, too." ---

Scully: "Well apparently they've learned something from you, too."
Bilac: "Yesssss, I've been teaching them the joys of American Bureaucracy." ---

(After leaving Bilac's house)
Mulder: "Nice to meet people who really believe in something, isn't it?" ---

Scully: ". . . and the lack of other suspects."
Mulder: "He did look a bit squirrely back there."
Scully: "Maybe because he was up late last night murdering Craig Horning." ---

Scully: "So you think Bilac's innocent? That the victim wasn't even killed at all? That he was devoured by a mythical jaguar spirit?!?!?"
Mulder: "Go with it, Scully." ---

Scully: (Drops split-rat in bag) "Ugh. Label that."
Cop: "As what?"
Scully: "Partial . . . dead rat body part . . ." ---

Scully: "Well, it's human: small intestine. There's about four feet of jejunum and another foot of ilium."
Mulder: "Do we know for sure it's Luden?"
Scully: "Yeah, by what he had for lunch: corn chowder and . . . it looks like he'd been snacking on sunflower seeds all afternoon."
Mulder: A man with taste... ---

Curator: "Police found something outside."
Scully: "Mona Wassner?"
Curator: "No, Sugar, her dog. He's dead."
Mulder: "Finally a body." ---

Vet: "When I dissected the dog's stomach, I found an undigested fragment of intestine, which appears to be feline..." Scully: "The dog ate a cat."
Vet: "I also found what appears to be bits of rat fur. I think the rat ate the poison."
Scully: "Cat ate a rat."
Mulder: "And the dog ate the cat." (Scully gives Mulder the 'eyebrow') "More rats, Scully." ---

Scully: "So what are we taking about, Mulder? A posessed rat? The return of Ben?" ---

Scully: "Have YOU been drinking Yahe, Mulder?"
Mulder: "Go with it, Scully." ---

Mulder: "And one way in (Through the steam tunnels)."
Scully: "And one way out."
Mulder: "Ladies first."

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