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Hell Money 3 x 19
Episode: Hell Money   Episode Number: 3x19   Tagline: The Truth is Out There
XF Novel Title: Hungry Ghosts


Scully: "What a way to go . . ." (burned alive in a crematorium) ---

Chao: "We got lucky with this one." (finding a body)
Mulder: "Lucky? Thats an interesting word for it." ---

Mulder: "How many dishes do you have to break before your boss tosses you in an oven?" ---

Scully: "So youre saying that the ancestral spirits pushed Johnny Lo into the oven and turned on the gas?"
Mulder: "Well, it would sure teach him to respect his elders, wouldn't it?" ---

Scully: (Feeling paint on door) "Its still tacky."
Mulder: "Can you copy it down for me?" (Painted words)
Neary: "Yeah, sure . . ."
Mulder: (Looking around apartment) "Talk about tacky . . ." ---

Chao: "But the truth is I'm more haunted by the size of my mortgage payments." (than ancestral spirits) ---

Mulder: "Looks like somebody was trying to get two burials for the price of one." ---

Scully: "Do you know how much the human body is worth, Mulder?"
Mulder: "Depends on the body."

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