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Home 4 x 03
Episode: Home   Episode Number: 4x03   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Pitching kid: "Hey, quit complaining. Y'know, we already had to move home plate because you BITCHED about the mud." ---

Scully: (Noticing Mulder's fiddling with the baseball) "Meanwhile, I've quit the FBI and become a spokesman for the Ab-Roller." ---

Mulder: (Putting ball under Scully's nose) "Smell that.
(She does and wrinkles her nose) That's perfume. Eau De Ball." ---

Mulder: ". . . If I had to settle down, build a home? It'd be a place like this."
Scully: "It'd be like living in Mayberry." ---

Taylor: "Hi, I'm Sheriff Andy Taylor."
Mulder: "For real?!?" ---

Scully: "Well, were there any local women who were pregnant and now suddenly aren't?" ---

Sheriff: "By the way, this is my deputy Barney."
Mulder: "Fife?"
Barney: "Pastor!" ---

Mulder: "There's something rotten in Mayberry." ---

Scully: "I guess I was just projecting on myself."
Mulder: "Why? Is there a history of genetic abnormalities in your family?"
Scully: "No."
Mulder: "Well just find yourself a man with a spotless genetic makeup and a really high tolerance for being second-guessed and start pumping out the little uber-Scullys." (he rubs her back and smiles)
Scully: "What about your family?"
Mulder: (tilts his head suggestively) "Hmm?"
Scully: (similar suggestive head tilt)
Mulder: "Well aside from the need for corrective lenses and the tendency to be abducted by extra-terrestrials involved in an international governmental conspiracy, the Mulder family passes genetic muster."
Scully: (smiles) ---

Scully: "Now we all have a natural instinct to propagate."
Mulder: "Do we?" ---

Mulder: "Scully. . .I just never saw you as a mother before." ---

Scully: (As Mulder is pointing the TV bunny-ears at her forehead) "You still planning on making a home here?"
Mulder: "Nah. Not if I can't get the Knicks game."
Scully: "Just as long as bundling infanticide doesn't weigh into your decision . . . G'night Mulder."
Mulder: "G'night MOM . . ." ---

Scully: "They really went caveman on them." ---

Mulder: (After deputy pulls gun out and leaves) "Uh, that was a little bit too Chuck Bronson for me, Scully." ---

Mulder: (Hunkering down, pushing pigs) "Scully, would you think less of me as a man if I told you I was kind of excited right now? (Pigs won't budge) There some secret farmer trick to get these things moving?"
Scully: "I don't know. (Babe impersonation) Naa-ram-ewe! (Even better) NAA-RAAM-EEEWE!!!!"
Mulder: "Yeah, that'll work."
Scully: "I baby-sat my nephew this weekend. He watches Babe 15 times a day!"
Mulder: "And people call ME spooky." ---

Mulder: "Oh no!" (Holds up newspaper with the headline ELVIS PRESLEY DEAD AT 42) ---

Mulder: "Which means that when Edmund was a kid he could ground the other two for playing with his things?"

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