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Teliko 4 x 04
Episode: Teliko   Episode Number: 4x04   Tagline: Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate
Title Translation: End


Mulder: "We fear the unknown so we reduce it to the terms that are most familiar to us, whether that's a folktale on a disease on a conspiracy." ---

Mulder: "Hey, I heard you were down here slicin' and dicin'. Who's the lucky stiff?" ---

Mulder: "There's a Michael Jackson joke in here somewhere but I can't quite find it." ---

Scully: "Mulder, not everything is a labyrinth of dark conspiracy. And not everybody is . . . is plotting to deceive, inveigle and obfuscate." (Mulder, staring at her, keeps eating sunflower seeds like a Blue Jay) ---

(Mulder grabs tray of specimens and starts to leave)
Scully: "What are you doing?"
Mulder: "I'm gonna join the snipe hunt. Before the body count rises." ---

Pendrell: "Shouldn't we wait for Agent Scully? Just so I won't have to repeat myself."
Mulder: "She's not coming."
Pendrell: "Why not?"
Mulder: "She had a date. (Pendrell gets all choked up) Breathe, Agent Pendrell. She's with a dead man. She's doing an autopsy." ---

Scully: "Where are you?"
Mulder: "Off to water the seeds of doubt." ---

Ambassador: ". . . I'm afraid you won't believe it."
Mulder: "You'd be surprised at what I believe, sir." ---

Mulder: (Referring to the small medical cart) "I think this was the getaway vehicle. He didn't even touch his Jell-O." ---

Scully: ". . . Why would he leave is own country to come here?"
Mulder: "Free cable."

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