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Paper Hearts 4 x 08
Episode: Paper Hearts   Episode Number: 4x08   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Scully: (To Mulder) "Tell me about this dream . . ." ---

Scully: "Don't you think the car might have been searched at least once already?"
Mulder: "Not by me." ---

Kid: "Here it is. I've been, you know, detailing it. Dropped the bed shell, did the decals, stuff like that."
Scully: "Thank you."
Kid: "Honest to god serial killer owned my car? For real?"
Mulder: (Later, ripping up the seat) "Helping him detail . . ." ---

Roche: "Mulder. Long time no see. Got a new partner." ---

Mulder: "16 victims, John. How come you said there were only 13?"
Roche: "I dunno. Yeah, 13 sounds more magical, you know." ---

Roche: "How 'bout this. Sink one from there and I'll tell you." (Mulder shoots, nothing but net.)
Roche: (Slightly surprised) "Trust a child molester?" ---

Roche: (Regarding Mulder) "This man . . . this man hit me."
Guard: (Not sympathetic) ". . . I didn't see it."
Scully: (Coming in) "I did . . ."

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