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El Mundo Gira 4 x 11
Episode: El Mundo Gira   Episode Number: 4x11   Tagline: The Truth is Out There
Title Translation: The World Turns


Mulder: "Scully, I've been thinking. I know that's dangerous, but just bear with me." ---

Mama: "Two brothers. One woman. Trouble." ---

Scully: "Mulder, this happened how long ago?"
Mulder: "Tres dias. Muy Incredible, no?" ---

Scully: "Only the smell . . . Mulder, you brought me out under the pretense of investigating a strange death. Can you tell me why we're standing out here in the middle of a field looking at a dead goat?" ---

Scully: "Purple rain???"
Mulder: "Yeah. Great album. Deeply flawed movie, though." ---

Mulder: "The victim and many of the witnesses are illegal immigrants; migrant farm workers. I thought it might be important to talk to them before they migrated." ---

Brother Buente: "It's a trick. For fools who believe in fool superstitions."
Scully: (Looking at Mulder) "Thank you, Mr. Buente. You've been very helpful." ---

Scully: (From West Side Story) "Maria. Maria. I just met a girl named Maria."
Mulder: "Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, Scully."
Scully: "It makes perfect sense, Mulder. Admit it, you fell for it. Your 'fortean' event turned out to be nothing more than the oldest story in the world- 2 men, 1 woman, trouble." ---

INS Agent: "Let's see . . . OK. We have a Jose Feliciano. We have Juan Valdez. We have Cesar Chavez. We have Placido Domingo here. But I don't see any Alario Buente." ---

INS: "Call it anything you want, but this is an age-old story."
Mulder: "Ya know, I've heard that." ---

Mulder: "They think he's the Chupacabra."
INS: "That may be. But I will tell you with a tremendous degree of certainty this guy is not Erik Estrada . . ."
(Shows Mulder the guy's claimed name on the paperwork) ---

INS: (After Alario recounts the Fortean event) "This guy is *better* than Erik Estrada." ---

(In the car) Scully: "Did he tell you what happened?"
Mulder: "Flash of light . . . yellow rain . . . Maria! (yells) Maria!!!
(Scully gives him the look. Mulder shrugs.) ---

Scully: "Mulder, I know you don't want to hear this but I think the only aliens in this story are not the villains. They're the victims." ---

Scully: (Seeing the truck full of toasted goats) "Uh, more goats . . ." ---

Mulder: "The truth is . . . nobody cares."

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