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Kaddish 4 x 12
Episode: Kaddish   Episode Number: 4x12   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Scully: "Apparently he'd been watching this tape when he was strangled to death."
Mulder: "Very Old Testament . . ." ---

Mulder: ". . . Risen from the grave to avenge his own death?" ---

Mulder: "Yeah, spectral figures are not often known to leave fingerprints. Casper never did." ---

Scully: "The right to free expression doesn't extend to murder." ---

Brunjes: "You work for them too, don't you?"
Mulder: "Who?"
Brunjes: "You know who. You look like you might be one yourself."
Mulder: (Laughs) ---

Brunjes: "What kind of Jew trick is this?"
Mulder: "A Jew pulled it off 2000 years ago . . ." ---

Mulder: (Before leaving) "Bless you." ---

Mulder: "It seems pretty redundant, doesn't it? Messing up somebody you've already killed? I think they were afraid." Scully: "Afraid?"
Mulder: "Afraid that the man they hated enough to kill wasn't really dead." ---

Mulder: (Pulling book out) "What's this? A little bedtime reading?" ---

Dad: ". . . It was self defense."
Mulder: "HANGING a man is self-defense?!?" ---

Scully: "Where are you going?"
Mulder: "See a man about a burning book." ---

Mulder: (To Scholar) "What is the magic word?" ---

Mulder: (To Scholar) "I don't speak Hebrew . . . I don't know what that means."
Scholar: "Truth . . ."

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