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Never Again 4 x 13
Episode: Never Again   Episode Number: 4x13   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Mulder: "I made a last ditch effort to get out of it, but the Bureau's holding fast to its federal employee vacation policy. I haven't taken a day off in 4 years so either I take a week vacation now or they start NOT paying me for 8 weeks vacation time . . ."
Scully: "Why don't I have a desk?"
Mulder: "What do you mean?"
(Scully holds up Mulder's nameplate)
Mulder: "I always assumed that that was your area." (motions backwards)
Scully: (A bit down) "Over there . . ."
Mulder: "Okay, so we . . . we'll have them send down another desk and there won't be any room to move around here but we can put them really close together face to face. Maybe we can play some BATTLESHIP!"
Scully: "So what is it you want me to keep an eye on?"
Mulder: "That contact that we met last night at the Wall. Who had the distinction of being present for a first. That being you abandoning me during questioning. In the future I'll make sure that all those people being interviewed provide you with a multimedia laser show to keep your interest maintained." ---

Scully: "I'm not going."
Mulder: "What do you mean?"
Scully: "Your contact, while interesting in the context of science fiction was . . . at least in my memory, recounting a poorly veiled synopsis of an episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle." ---

Scully: "Where will you be?"
Mulder: "Ironically enough, it's personal. It's a . . . place I always wanted to go. What I anticipate to be a spiritual journey. I hope to discover something about myself. Maybe you should do the same." ---

Mulder: "I'm just at that special place and I wanted to share it with you. (Sports Elvis shades) You know that Elvis bought all the furniture in just 30 minutes?" ---

Scully: "Look, Mulder, I have to go."
Mulder: "What do you got, a date or something? (Scully quiet) You, you're kidding!"
Scully: "I have everything under control. I will talk to you later."
(Mulder does a Elvissy victory dance in the middle of the room) ---

Mulder: "And congratulations for making a personal appearance in the X-Files for a second time. A world record." ---

Mulder: ". . . Case closed on Boris Battenoff, which is really a shame because I was thinking of having an NY tattooed on my ass to commemorate the Yankees' World Series Victory? Better late than never, huh?" ---

Mulder: "All this because I . . . because I didn't get you a desk?"
Scully: "Not everything is about you, Mulder. This is my life."
Mulder: "Yes, but it's my . . ."

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