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Redux 5 x 02
Episode: Redux   Episode Number: 5x02   Tagline: All Lies Lead to the Truth


Mulder [choked up]: "Did they give Agent Scully this disease? Did they do this to her because of me?" ---

Scully: (Takes shirt partway off)
Mulder: "Keep going, FBI woman . . ."

Scully: "Mulder? What are you doing? Why are you sitting in my bedroom in the dark?"
Mulder: "It was too crowded in my apartment, I couldn't sleep."
Scully: "I'm not kidding, Mulder."
Mulder: "Good, cause neither am I. There's a dead man on the floor in my apartment and it's only a matter of time before he starts to stink the place up."
Scully: "What are you talking about, Mulder? What's going on?"
Mulder: "Apparently somebody thinks my life's interesting enough to put on videotape . . ." ---

Mulder: "I will not allow this treason to prosper--not if they've done this to you." ---

Mulder [voice-over]: "In four years I have shared my partner's passionate search for the truth and if my part has been a deception, I have never seen her integrity waver or her honor compromised. But now I ask her to lie to the people lying to us--a dangerous lie to find the truth--to find the men who would be revealed at its enemy, as *our* enemy, as the enemy within." ---

Blevins: (to Scully) "From all reports, your work on the X-Files brought you very close to Agent Mulder." ---

Mulder: "I need to know who did this to Scully."
Kritschgau: "What you can have, what you may find is so much more than that."
Mulder: "What?"
Kritschgau: "What you want most desperately of all."
Mulder: "The cure for Scully's cancer?"
Kritschgau: [nods] ---

Elder: "Without his partner, you may have underestimated his fragility." ---

Mulder [voice-over]: "The possibility of a cure for Scully somewhere inside these walls is my only hope. But if I might find it and somehow save her, the very existence of this cure would mean with certainty that I had believed in a lie from the start." ---

Mulder: "Level 4 clearance. That means I get to dine at the officer's club?" ---

Scully: "All lies lead to the truth, right?"

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