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Kitsunegari 5 x 08
Episode: Kitsunegari   Episode Number: 5x08   Tagline: The Truth is Out There
Title Translation: Fox Hunt


Linda Bowman: "Why wait when it's true love. You never know how long you have."
Mulder: "No, you don't." ---

Scully [appearing as Linda Bowman]: "She wants you to shoot me. She knows you'll never forgive yourself." ---

Orderly 2: "So what's this guy's story?"
Orderly 1: "Cop killer. General People killer. General all around waste of skin."
Orderly 2: "So, what are you scared of? Guy's a freakin' vegetable. What's he gonna do, run over you with his big plastic wheel?" ---

Marshall: "So what's adequate backup?"
Mulder: "Adequate backup? Every cop you can lay your hands on." ---

(Referring to Modell) Mulder: Heh, he's a VERY considerate man. ---

Mulder: Yeah?
Modell: Two words - I'm . . . Alive . . . (laughs)
Mulder: I don't feel like playing your game right now, Modell.
Modell: Touchy? Look Mulder, there's something I need you to hear.
Mulder: Tell it to me in person, Modell. Modell: No, seriously. Listen to me.
Mulder: No, you listen to me. Either you come back here on your own or I'll drag your sorry ass back on the bumper of my car.
Modell: When did you become Clint Eastwood? ---

Detective: Kitsunegari . . . Fox Hunt.
Scully: Fox Mulder . . .
Mulder: (Shrugs) Well, that's a little on the nose, don't you think? ---

Modell: Dead ahead. Straight in front of you. (Cop still looks around)
Modell: Buddy, I'm straight in front of you. Whadda you want me to do, draw you a map? ---

Mulder: Linda Bowman? I'm Fox Mulder.
Linda: Hi. Uh, you're my 12:15? ---

Scully: Mulder, what happened?
(In a Modell-induced trance) Mulder: He had to go. ---

Scully: How are you feeling?
Mulder: Oh, aside from the utter grinding humiliation that comes from knowing I let our suspect go, pretty good.
Scully: It could have happened to anyone, Mulder. ---

Skinner: You're suspended until such time I'm confident your judgment is sound. Give me your weapon.
Mulder: Who are you afraid I'm going to point it at? ---

Scully: That's one hell of a plan, Mulder. A serial killer makes us believe that he's guilty in turn diverting the suspicion away from the real estate lady? Well, he had me going! ---

(Irritated with Scully) Mulder: Okay, look. You do me a favor, Scully. You give me a call when you think I've come to my senses, all right? ---

Skinner: . . . You've won her game.
Mulder: Then how come I feel like I lost?

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