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Mind's Eye 5 x 16
Episode: Mind's Eye   Episode Number: 5x16   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


(Looking at slide of dead body )
Mulder: I have the same pair of pants . . . Who exterminated him?
Pennock: That's the subject of some debate. ---

Mulder: I'm going to assume the killer knew what he was doing, and that 'C' wasn't one of his initials?
Pennock: Your assumptions are correct. Only the killer isn't a he. ---

Marty: Oh. It's you.
Pennock: See what I mean? (Meaning she's psychic)
Marty: It's not magic. It's your crappy cologne. ---

(Regarding calling in the Feds)
Marty: You must be having trouble with your case, Detective. ---

Marty: What are you staring at?
Mulder: An innocent woman. I hope? ---

Scully: What were you doing there, Marty?
Marty: Putting mints . . . on the pillows. ---

Marty: You know what the problem is? You've got no murder weapon. And I bet that's driving Sticky back there crazy. Isn't it, Sticky? Why is he hiding? It's not like I can see him. You know what I did with it, Detective? I fed it to my seeing eye dog. ---

Mulder (to Marty): If you didn't kill him, why you were at the crime scene cleaning up. And doing such a piss-poor job of it. Why don't we just stop playing games here, OK? I mean . . . (laughs) you probably don't know a feather duster from a duck's ass, do you? I mean . . . it's ridiculous, you're a blind woman for God's sake. So why don't you just tell us who did kill Paco Redonez and Agent Scully and I can go arrest him. And you can go home and work on your angry young blind girl comedy routine. Or we can just sit here and entertain each other for the next 48 hours. ---

Mulder: She passed on every question except one - 'Did she see the murder.' ---

Mulder: She was lying, I'm sure of it.
Scully: Well maybe she was, Mulder, but don't make me state the obvious-she didn't see anything.
Mulder: Not with her eyes . . .
Scully: Well how else did she see? Bat-vision? ---

Marty: You now, I'm sure the ACLU is gonna be very interested in how you violated a blind woman's rights . . . by eavesdropping on her private phone call. (Cop gives her the Bronx salute) Same to you . . . ---

(Is given the bag with glove in it)
Marty: Lemme guess . . . your killer's OJ Simpson. ---

Marty: Are you happy, detective?
Pennock: It looks to me like it fits.
Marty: Somewhere, Marcia Clark weeps. But you still haven't got a weapon. ---

Mulder: Even if the gloves fit, you can still acquit. ---

Doc: Are you aware of any sensation at all?
Marty: (Gasping) It's a miracle! ---

Marty: These better still be $20's.
Policeman 2: Naw! I replaced them with $50's since you're so damn sweet. ---

Pennock: You know the thing I find most surprising about this case is you. You are one skeptical guy, Agent Mulder.
Mulder: Skeptical?
Pennock: Oh yeah!
Mulder: I've been called a lot of things. Skeptical, however, is not one.
Pennock: Yeah, whatever.
Mulder(to himself): Skeptical! ---

Mulder: Well, I know that, you know that, and so does whoever Marty's protecting. But Detective Pennock is salivating right now.---

Mulder: Well, a confession is worthless if it's a lie, and yours was a lie. ---

Mulder: Just in time for the surprise party. ---

(Marty sees herself pulling the gun on her father through his eyes)
Marty: I hate the way you see me.---

Marty: Not much to look at, is it? At least that's what they tell me. You were at the sentencing, Agent Mulder.
Mulder: Is it my cologne?
Marty: No . . . I just knew you'd be there. ---

(Reacting to Marty, despite all her bad visions still got to see the ocean through killer's eyes)
Mulder: Well, you're lucky he wasn't a fan of the Ice Capades.

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