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The Pine Bluff Variant 5 x 18
Episode: The Pine Bluff Variant   Episode Number: 5x18   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Scully: . . . that the toxin was transmitted directly . . . and not contagious.
Field Agent: How do you know that.
Mulder: We're not all dead? ---

Leamus: You set me up!
Mulder: I saved your ass! ---

Mulder: Look, I believe in your ideals and your goals . . . but the only reason I . . . I tolerate your methods is because the government's are worse.
Leamus: Wow, what a ringing endorsement. ---

Manager: Are you the wife?
Scully: (Peeved) Not even close. ---

Scully: Exactly what agency are you guys from? (No answer) Obviously not the Office of Information. ---

(Hands tied to the table, still with a hood on his head)
Mulder: Ooh, is this the Pepsi Challenge? How about some, uh . . . fresh air, boys?
Leamus: Welcome, Agent Mulder.
Mulder: (Unhooded, sees two others and Leamos at the table) Okay, deal me in. ---

(Skin-Headed man grabs and bends Mulder's pinkie backwards)
Leamus: This is just a little method that we use . . . to learn the truth.
Mulder: Well, you . . . you might want to put that hood back on, man, unless you want to see a grown man cry. ---

'(Scully notices Mulder's pinkie either broken or severely disjointed)
Scully: What happened to your hand?
Mulder: Nothing.
(Worried, she grabs hand and examines it)
Scully: Oh, Mulder, what did they do to you? God, this needs to be set. You're in pain.
Mulder: (Ripping hand away) If you're pullin' it around like that . . . ---

Skinner: What happened to your hand?
Mulder: Terrorist lie detector.
Unit Leader: Well, did you pass?
Mulder: Well, I must have. I'm still here. ---

Mulder: If you don't hear from me by midnight . . . feed my fish. ---

Bremer: You willing to die for your beliefs?
Mulder: I'd prefer it not come to that. ---

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