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The End 5 x 20
Episode: The End   Episode Number: 5x20   Tagline: The End
Previous Title: End Game, Zijgansk/Zjigansk/Zhigansk, Ochotsk/Okhotsk


Mulder: Ah, you know you're going places in the bureau when the Assistant Director tidies up your office for you. ---

Skinner: . . . He's got his team assembled upstairs right now. He was very specific that *you* be excluded. ---

Mulder (To Spender): I don't . . . I don't . . . have any questions. No, I just think you're wrong. ---

CSM: You look surprised. Is it because I'm here? Or that I'm alive? ---

WMM: There's been an incident.
CSM: Yes, I've seen, I've heard, I've read. ---

Mulder: How you doing?
Kid: I don't mind it here. They get all the good TV shows (Simpsons). Where I live in the Philippines, all we get is 'Baywatch'.
Mulder: What's wrong with 'Baywatch'?
Kid: (Studying Mulder) You've got a dirty mind. ---

Kid: I know what's on *your* mind. I know you're thinking about one of the girls you brought.
Mulder: Oh?
Kid: And one of them is thinking about you.
Diana: Which one?
Kid: (Studies Mulder) He doesn't want me to say. ---

Mulder: You know, when I first met you, I figured you were just ambitious. And this morning my opinion changed, and I thought you were arrogant. Now I'm beginning to wonder what you're protecting. ---

Killer: I've got nothing to say.
Mulder: That's okay, I'm a pretty good guesser. The kid reads minds. How's that? Why not tell them you told me that and then let's save that safe and snugly feeling here. ---

Scully: There seems to be some suspicion that he's a fraud.
Byers: Dorf on chess?
Scully: Well, apparently he wins by reading his opponents' minds.
Frohike: I'm *lovin'* it! L
angly: And you want us to what?
Scully: Analyze the data . . . (with reservations) with an eye to the parapsychological.
Frohike: Ooh, walk on the wild side? ---

Scully: (Referring to Diana) Then you know her.
Byers: Well . . . yeah.
Frohike: She was . . . Mulder's chickadee when he just got out of the Academy. ---

Mulder: How's little Karnac doing?
Diana: Put a TV in front of him, he turns right into a normal kid. ---

Scully: . . . An area of the temporal lobe the neurophysicists are calling the God Module.
Skinner: I hope I'm not going to hear that this kid is the next Christ child. ---

Scully: These talks included instructions from the Justice Department to close down the X-Files.
Mulder: This was all strategised, every move. I just couldn't see it. It all was part of a plan.
Scully: Mulder, whatever you may believe, this time they may have won.

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