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The Beginning 6 x 01
Episode: The Beginning   Episode Number: 6x01   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Carpool Man: Hurry up! Uh, next time, maybe take a leak before we leave work. Okay, Dipwads?
Man Who Peed 1: (flipping him the bird, but offscreen) Can you read sign language, Guy?
Carpool Man: Is that your IQ or the number of Dipwads your mother had? ---

Carpool Man: Not you, too, Sandy? Sorry, man. You got to hold it till you get home. ---

AD Maslin: Agent Mulder . . . Agent Mulder, I'm reading here a very pie-in-the-sky report about global domination plans by vicious, long-clawed spacelings? Is there going to be data to back this vague, omnibus account?
Mulder: Yes.
AD #1: I see your renowned arrogance has been left quite intact. ---

AD #2: These spacelings, Agent Mulder . . . They weren't something I saw in Men in Black?
Mulder: (pause) I didn't see Men in Black.
AD #2: Well, it's a damn good movie. ---

Mulder: Which we will prove now that the X-Files have been reopened.
AD #1: Your presumption is far greater than the case you make for that eventuality.
Mulder: I'm not sure I understand.
AD #1: You're here to justify your reassignment on the X-Files with little more than a rattletrap account of high adventure in the Antarctic.
AD #2: Not to mention some very questionable travel expenses. ---

Mulder: Next time, I'll wear a clown suit and do balloon tricks. ---

Mulder: The only reason I was in there was because you assured me there was a scientific basis for what we saw.
Scully: Mulder, let me remind you once again . . . What I saw was very little.
Mulder: Look, Scully, that excuse is not going to work this time. You were there and you were infected with that virus. ---

CSM: I trumped up a story about a crazy Indian on the loose. Never underestimate the public's willingness to blame the Red Man for . . . anything they can't explain. ---

(Mulder is working again on piecing together the burned files in his new office. Skinner walks in)
Skinner: You're wasting your time.
Mulder: You need evidence to justify our reassignment. I've just got to bring it back from the ashes. ---

Mulder: Was there a vote?
Skinner (pauses): Unanimous against. ---

Spender: Is that something for me? Agent Mulder?
Mulder: (setting the file down) Yeah, if you're doing my filing. ---

Mulder: (giving a weak thumbs-up) Diana, back on your feet. I guess that's the only way you could stab me in the back. ---

Scully: Mulder, I just want to remind you that by not informing local PD we are in technical violation of state laws prohibiting contamination of a crime scene. (She realizes Mulder is not listening. Under her breath.) Why do I bother? ---

Mulder: Aw. Somebody broke a nail.
Scully: Is it animal?
Mulder: It ain't RuPaul. ---

Mulder: There wasn't an attack. I think it was celebrating its birthday. ---

Gibson: It's not here. Why don't you believe me when you're so afraid of me?
CSM: I'm not afraid of you.
Gibson: You think I can destroy you for what I know, because of what I am. You're thinking you could've destroyed me, too and if I don't find this creature, you will. ---

Mulder: I don't see there's any argument here. You admit yourself that the crime report is a lie.
Scully: Mulder, that doesn't mean that I can just accept your theory.
Mulder: What does it take? For this thing to come up and bite you on the ass? I saw these creatures. I saw them burst to life. You would've seen them, too but you were infected with that virus. You were passed out over my shoulder.
Scully: Mulder, I know what you did. I know what happened to me but without ignoring the science, I can't... Listen, Mulder . . . (she grasps his hand) You told me that my science kept you honest. That it made you question your assumptions. That by it, I'd made you a whole person. If I change now . . . It wouldn't be right . . . or honest.
Mulder: I'm talking about extraterrestrial life alive on this planet in our lifetime. Forces that dwarf and precede all human history. I'm sorry, Scully, but this time your science is wrong. ---

Engineer #1: Wake up, Homer.
Homer: I was awake. I was just thinking.
Engineer #1: Yeah, that would be a first. You're ten minutes late on your systems check. ---

Spender: Authorized officers and personnel only. This is a closed area.
Mulder: What happened here?
Spender: You'll have to leave, Agent Mulder.
Scully: We received a call that a man was killed here.
Spender: A call from whom? Assistant Director Skinner?
Mulder: Let us through.
Spender: You're unauthorized to be here. You've ignored your superiors and come here without cause or permission. I'm going to get you censured for this and demand a review of AD Skinner's actions. ---

Gibson: You think they were butchers.
Mulder: They were butchers. ---

Mulder: How did you get in our car?
Gibson: When they weren't looking, I snuck away. It's easy when you know what they're thinking.
Mulder: Why are you here?
Gibson: They were using me 'cause I can communicate with it.
Scully: Communicate with what?
Gibson: You already know. You just don't want to believe it. ---

Gibson: You want to make me well but you're just thinking about yourself and what you can learn from me.
Scully: You're a very special boy, Gibson. You know that yourself.
Gibson: I'm a very special lab rat. ---

(Mulder steps in a gooey puddle. They kneel down and he dips his fingers in it.)
Fowley: Looks organic.
Mulder: Maybe somebody's got the flu. ---

Mulder: There's something in there. (Mulder reaches back in and drags out a large blob of tissue. It drops to the floor and he kneels down to look at it closely. Mulder's cell phone ringing scares them both and he jumps back up.) Mulder: (on phone) Yeah.
Scully: (on phone) Mulder, I found something. I found something you're not going to believe.
Mulder: (on phone) Ditto. ---

Scully: (on phone) I don't know . . . I don't know, but I think we're on to something. We're on to something huge -- a link. Mulder: (on phone) I'll call that bet and raise you. ---

Spender: Mulder will be back. As long as he lives, he won't give up. ---

CSM: You can kill a man but you can't kill what he stands for . . . Not unless you first break his spirit. That's a beautiful thing to see. ---

Mulder: It would help if you'd shut the door. It would make it harder for them to see that I'm totally disregarding everything I was told.
Scully: (closing the door) Everything WE were told, Mulder. ---

Mulder: They can't take away the X-Files, Scully. They tried. ---

Mulder: So if that were true, that would mean that Gibson is in some part extraterrestrial.
Scully: It would mean that all of us are.

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