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Dreamland 6 x 04
Episode: Dreamland   Episode Number: 6x04   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Mulder: Milepost 134. Two miles to go. Scully: I'm all a-tingle. ---

Scully: Mulder, it's the dim hope of finding that proof that's kept us in this car, or one very much like it for more nights than I care to remember. Driving hundreds if not thousands of miles through neighborhoods and cities and towns where people are raising families and buying homes and playing with their kids and their dogs, and . . . in short, living their lives. While we - we - we just keep driving.
Mulder: What is your point?
Scully: Don't you ever just want to stop? Get out of the damn car? Settle down and live something approaching a normal life?
Mulder: This *is* a normal life. ---

Morris Fletcher: What's your business here? What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?
Mulder: What are you doing out here?
Scully: Hiding top secret test flights? Using technology from UFOs?
Morris Fletcher: (sarcastically) Flying saucers. I got a top secret for you. (to Mulder's ear) There's no such thing as flying saucers. ---

Scully: Are you all right, Mulder?
Morris (as Mulder): What are you talking about?
Scully: Well, you haven't said anything since we left those men on the highway. Is something wrong?
Morris (as Mulder): I'm fine. Gas cap's on your side. (Scully is surprised at his attitude. Apparently this is not usual procedure, but she gets out of the car.)
Scully: Okay . . . If you don't want to talk about it. (Scully gets the pump and begins putting gas in the car. A cell phone begins ringing inside the car. Scully calls through the closed window.)
Scully: Mulder? Mulder . . . (Morris ignores her, playing with the radio.)
Morris (as Mulder): Oh, Dana? Want to pick me up a pack of Morleys, please?
Scully: Since when do you smoke?
Morris (as Mulder): Well . . . you're not going to be a Nazi about it, are you? ---

AD Kersh: My two frequent flyers. ---

Morris (as Mulder):: Sir, you're absolutely right. And on behalf of Agent Scully and myself, I'd like to apologize for our blatant disregard of your direct order. You have our word. We will never ever do that again. (Scully is speechless.) ---

Scully: Mulder, you are acting bizarre.
Morris (as Mulder): Jealous? (Morris gives her a knowing smile and slaps her on the butt as he passes. Scully turns and stares at him in shock.) ---

Teenager: Morning, Dad.
Mulder (as Morris): Morning . . . Terry.
Teenager: Oh, my God! (she bursts into tears and runs back upstairs)
Joanne Fletcher: (coming out from kitchen) Morris... What did you do to Chris? ---

Boy: Yo, dad.
Mulder (as Morris): Good morning, Terry.
Boy: Not Terry.
Mulder (as Morris): Chris.
Boy: (disgusted) Terrence. "Terry's" for wusses.
Mulder (as Morris): (under his breath) Oh, and Terrence isn't? Hey, uh, Terrence how about helping your old Dad find his car keys? ---

Mrs. Fletcher: Morris! What about Chris?
Mulder (as Morris): Chris?
Chris: You said you'd give me an answer today.
Mrs. Fletcher: Her nose. You said you'd give her an answer about her nose. (Family waits in anticipation.)
Mulder (as Morris): Um . . . I think . . . (Chris gives him a little girl look.)
Mulder (as Morris): I think she's a little young for plastic surgery don't you think? (Chris cries again.)
Mrs. Fletcher: Oh, for God's sake, Morris -- a nose ring! She said she wants a nose ring!
Chris: (to Mulder) I hate you! I wish you were dead.
Mulder (as Morris): Well, my work here is done. Have a nice day. ---

Morris (as Mulder): Who do you suppose that was?
Scully: That wasn't your source? Well, I'll run a trace.
Morris (as Mulder): Uh . . . No, no. I think we should notify El Jefe ASAP. We don't want our collective asses chewed out all over again.
Scully: Mulder? Are you sure that's the best thing to do?
Morris (as Mulder): Look, little lady, I think it's time you got your panties on straight. We're federal officers . . . We go by the book. ---

Joanne Fletcher: That and you mumble something about Scully in your sleep. Who is Scully, Morris? Is it another woman? Mulder (as Morris): Does Scully sound like a woman's name to you? ---

Mulder (as Morris): My point is that there are a lot of things you don't know about me. And . . . I've just . . . I've been under a lot of pressure lately. I mean, up is down and black is white. I don't know where I stand anymore. I don't even know . . . who I am really anymore. I just . . . I know for sure that I am not the man you married. I'm just not. And I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry
Joanne Fletcher: Oh, God, Morris. I didn't know. They have that pill now. (understanding laughter) We can work this out. There's other ways to be intimate.

Mulder (as Morris): I'm Mulder. I'm really Mulder. I switched bodies, places, identities with this man Morris Fletcher the man that you think is Mulder, but he's not. (sees his reflection in the car window - of Morris) Of course you don't believe me. Why was I expecting anything different? Your full name is Dana Katherine Scully. Your badge number is . . . Hell! I don't know your badge number. Your mother's name is Margaret. Your brother's name is Bill Jr. He's in the Navy and he hates me. (no response from Scully) Lately, for lunch, you've been having this six-ounce cup of yogurt, plain yogurt, into which you stir bee pollen because you're on a bee pollen kick even though I tell you you're a scientist and you should know better.
Scully: Look . . . Any of that information could have been gathered by anyone.
Mulder (as Morris): Even that yogurt thing? That is so you. That is so Scully. Well, it's good to know you haven't changed. That's somewhat comforting. ---

Mulder (as Morris): (yelling back to her) No, you bastard, tell them the truth! Scully, he's not me! He's not me! Scully! He's not me!

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