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Terms of Endearment 6 x 06
Episode: Terms of Endearment   Episode Number: 6x06   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Agent Spender: I see. Okay, Deputy. We're going to put this right into our priority caseload.
Deputy Arky Stevens: Boy . . . I really want to thank you. I know Laura's really itching to talk to somebody who will really listen to her. (Deputy Stevens leaves the room. Agent Spender glances at the report again, then reaches behind him and feeds the report into the paper shredder.) ---

Deputy Stevens: I know this went right into your caseload but I never imagined you would get here so soon, Agent, uh . . . Mulder: Oh, Mulder. Fox Mulder. ---

Scully: Mulder, we are supposed to be doing background checks not chasing X-Files.
Mulder: Scully, Spender just round filed this case -- it's unconscionable.
Scully: And what do you call rooting through his trash?
Mulder: Like that's any different from the assignment we're stuck with.
Scully: "We," Mulder? I'm stuck with it. You're not here. ---

(Mulder's cell phone rings.) Mulder: Yeah.
Scully: Mulder, you're busted.
Mulder: What?
Scully: I just got an earful from Assistant Director Kersh who got a call from Mr. Weinsider who says that you're harassing him. ---

Scully: Mulder . . . Mulder, I have to tell him something. What do you want me to say?
Mulder: Tell him I'm down here doing a background check on somebody. ---

Scully: Mulder, you asked me to come down here and then you're nowhere to be found.
Mulder: I was down in the basement at county records doing a background check.
Scully: Mulder . . . It's me. That's your cover story, remember? ---

Scully: No, Mulder, I don't think you heard what I said. I did a complete medical review, just as you asked. What I'm saying is that there is not a shred of evidence to implicate the husband or anyone.
Mulder: Not a shred of evidence is exactly the evidence I'd hoped you'd find. ---

Mulder: Wayne! It's over.
Wayne: A normal life. A family. That's all I ever wanted. ---

Wayne: I just wanted what everyone wants. ---

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