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Tithonus 6 x 09
Episode: Tithonus   Episode Number: 6x09   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Mulder: (after phoning a dozen different people) Hey, Scully, maybe if we get really lucky next time they'll let us clean toilet bowls. ---

Scully: You ready to quit?
Mulder: No. That would make way too many people way too happy. ---

(As Scully leaves to go see Kersh.)
Mulder: Just you? (loudly calling out after her) Don't forget your toilet brush. (then quickly into the phone which he hadn't covered) No. No, ma'am, not you. ---

AD Kersh: I would say he has a promising career ahead of him. So did you . . . at one time. ---

Scully: Agent Mulder and I will begin immediately.
AD Kersh: Agent Mulder's a lost cause. I'm taking the chance you're not. It's you and Ritter. Do not let me down. ---

Scully: Mulder . . .
Mulder: Hmm? (Scully sees him looing at crime scene photos)
Scully: What are you doing?
Mulder: Being nosy. Eating my heart out. They're sending you on an X-File.
Scully: (packing up her briefcase) It's not an X-File.
Mulder: That's not what I'm reading. I'm thinking murder by telekinesis. I'm thinking maybe a shamanistic death touch. I'm thinking about the Muslim superstition that to photograph someone is to steal their soul.
Scully: Thank you. All very helpful. ---

Agent Ritter: Alfred Fellig -- what can you tell us about him?
Desk Sargeant: What's to tell? He's one of about 10,000 people in town who have an official license to piss people off. ---

(Scully looks down at the large blood stain left by Fellig's wounds.)
Scully: What's this?
Agent Ritter: A whole lot of blood.
Scully: Yeah. I got that. ---

Agent Ritter: You're a photographer. I've seen, uh . . . seen some of your work. You, uh . . . specialize in some pretty dark subject matter. You're, uh . . . you're around death a lot. It must . . . it must fascinate you. (Fellig stares at him, waiting.) Am I . . . boring you, Mr. Fellig?
Fellig: Ask me a question already. ---

Agent Ritter: Hey, I'm confused. I thought we were trying to bust this guy not look for reasons to let him go.
Scully: I thought we were looking for the truth. ---

Scully: (on phone) Scully.
Mulder: ( disguising his voice) Hi. My name is Fox Mulder. We used to sit next to each other at the FBI. ---

Mulder: You can't hold him? What about the stabbing?
Scully: How do you know about that?
Mulder: I told you I'm nosy. ---

Agent Ritter: You know, Kersh warned me about you.
Scully: Uh, he did?
Agent Ritter: Yeah -- you and your partner. God knows his reputation precedes him so I guess I should have seen this coming. You muck up my case, and Kersh'll hear about it. Are we clear, Dana?
Scully: (coldly correcting him) Scully. And we're done with this conversation. ---

Mulder: Hey, Scully, uh, how's that X-File coming? And before you tell me that it's not an X-File . . .
Scully: It is. ---

Scully: Alfred Fellig seems to know an awful lot about death.
Mulder: Oh, yeah? Well, that's not surprising, given that he's reached the ripe old age of 149. ---

Scully: Mr. Fellig, I know . . . that you know more about photography than I do but this is just a lens flare.
Fellig: You're right. I do know more about photography than you do. ---

Scully: Okay, I mean . . . mmm . . . for the sake of argument . . . why bother? I mean, why . . . why take a picture of Death?
Fellig: So I can look into his face. So I can die. Pills don't work. Razors . . . gas . . . bridges --- I can't tell you how many bridges I've jumped off of. All I get is wet. ---

Scully: You know I don't believe you.
Fellig: Yes, you do. That's why you're here. ---

Scully: You know, most people want to live forever.
Fellig: Most people are idiots. Which is one of the reasons I don't.
Scully: I think you're wrong. How can you have too much life? There's too much to learn, to experience. ---

Scully: What about love?
Fellig: What, does that last forever? 40 years ago I drove down to the city hall, down to the hall of records . . . record archives, whatever they call it. I wanted to look up my wife. It . . . bothered me I couldn't remember her name. Love lasts . . . 75 years, if you're lucky. You don't want to be around when it's gone. ---

Scully: Yeah, Mulder, I don't even know how I entertained the thought. People don't live forever.
Mulder: No, no, I-I . . . I think he would have. I-I just think that . . . that death only looks for you . . . once you seek its opposite.

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