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One Son 6 x 12
Episode: One Son   Episode Number: 6x12   Tagline: The Truth is Out There
Working Title: Full Disclosure, Weary Men


Mulder: (voiceover) Two men, young, idealistic -- the fine product of a generation hardened by world war. Two fathers whose paths would converge in a new battle -- an invisible war between a silent enemy and a sleeping giant on a scale to dwarf all historical conflicts. A 50-years war, its killing fields lying in wait for the inevitable global holocaust. Theirs was the dawn of Armageddon. And while the world was unaware, unwitting spectators to the hurly-burly of the decades-long struggle between heaven and earth there were those who prepared for the end; who measured the size and power of the enemy, and faced the choices: stand and fight, or bow to the will of a fearsome enemy. Or to surrender -- to yield and collaborate. To save themselves and stay their enemy's hand. Men who believed that victory was the absence of defeat and survival the ultimate ideology . . . No matter what the sacrifice. ---

Mulder: Scully . . .
Scully: Mulder, I want to see Cassandra.
Diana: I told you -- she's isolated.
Scully: Yes, and I am a medical doctor.
Diana: Who is suspended indefinitely from her position at the FBI. ---

Scully: They've burned our clothes.
Mulder: Hey . . . I heard gray is the new black.
Scully: Mulder, this stinks, and not just because I think that woman is a . . . well, I think you know what I think that woman is.
Mulder: (sarcastic) No. Actually, you hide your feelings very well. ---

Mulder: No. It won't continue. It doesn't have to anymore. She knows what she is, Scully. That's why it's so dangerous for her to be alive. That's why she came to my apartment asking to be killed.
Scully: What is she?
Mulder: I think she's the one, Scully. ---

CSM: No. Let colonization begin. We must turn over Cassandra. Save ourselves.
Elder 4: Bill Mulder was against this. He said this would be our tragic mistake.
CSM: Bill Mulder sacrificed his only daughter because he knew this day would arrive. What choice have we . . . if you want to see your families survive? If we want to see those we sacrificed returned to us? ---

Marita Covarrubias: But Cassandra Spender happened.
Mulder: She's the first, isn't she? She's the first successful alien/human hybrid.
Marita: If she is . . . and the aliens learn a hybrid exists . . . colonization of the planet will begin. With no stopping it. ---

Mulder: Scully, you're making this personal.
Scully: Because it is personal, Mulder. Because, without the FBI, personal interest is all that I have. And if you take that away then there is no reason for me to continue. ---

Mulder: You feeling smug, C.G.B.? Yeah, I know your name. I know your game and I got nothing to lose.
CSM: I remember looking over a gun barrel at you once before, Agent Mulder. You couldn't pull the trigger then. What makes you think you can do it now? (Mulder cocks the gun.) ---

CSM: I came here looking for my son.
Mulder: Why?
CSM: Because he's betrayed me. He's chosen the wrong side. He's chosen to believe in your cause.
Mulder: That presumes my cause is wrong.
CSM: Oh, it is, Agent Mulder. It is. ---

Mulder: I'm not the one using innocent people -- innocent women -- as lab rats, trying to create a hybrid -- an alien/human hybrid -- so that I might save my own sorry ass when they finally come knocking! (CSM smiles.) You find that funny?! ---

CSM: That was your father's objection: that we would ally ourselves with the alien colonists
Mulder: Towards your own selfish end.
CSM: We forestalled an alien invasion.
Mulder: No, no, no, you only managed to postpone it.
CSM: We saved billions of lives.
Mulder: You put those lives on hold so you alone could survive!
CSM: No, Agent Mulder, so you could. That's exactly what your father failed to realize. He railed at us and our plans even as the process had begun. While the group had agreed to the most painful sacrifices. Sacrifices that . . . no one else would ever be asked to make. ---

Mulder: You gave them your children! You gave them your wife! You sent them away . . . like they were things.
CSM: We sent them away, Agent Mulder, because it was the right thing to do.
Mulder: You sent them away to be tested on.
CSM: We sent them so they would come back to us. Don't you see? You can't think these choices were made lightly. They were the most painful decisions of our lives. Watching our families' faces . . . ---

Mulder: You're a liar. My sister wasn't taken from any hangar. She was abducted from our home right in front of me.
CSM: Because your father was late to understand the necessity. That he, too, must give up one of his children to the alien colonists. The aliens insisted on it. It was the only way they would give us the one thing that we needed. ---

CSM: A new race, Agent Mulder. An alien/human hybrid who could survive the holocaust. So you could survive. And live to see your sister. ---

Mulder: Stop it now or . . . I will stop it.
CSM: No, Agent Mulder. You won't stop it. Not if you want to see your sister again.
Mulder: You stop it . . . or everyone dies.
CSM: No. I live. You live . . . to see your sister return. It's what your father realized. It's what you'll realize as your father's son. Or die in vain with the rest of the world.
CSM: Save her. Save yourself. ---

Casandra: No! No! Don't! Damn you! Bastards! (The doctors inject her. CSM enters the room.)
Casandra: The biggest bastard of all. ---

CSM (to Doctors): I need a few minutes.
Casandra: They never question it, do they?
CSM: What?
Casandra: Your power and authority . . . When you're really such a coward. ---

CSM: I . . . I came in hopes that we might speak of the future . . . not the past.
Casandra: I'm at a disadvantage . . . since you've stolen the past from me. ---

Casandra: You can never save our son. He knows what you've done to me.
CSM: I saved you.
Casandra: There's only one way . . . to save him. Only one thing you must do.
CSM: I can't do it to you. I can't. --

Mulder: I didn't find anything, Diana. But something found me.
Diana: What?
ulder: Fate. Destiny. Whatever it's called when you . . . when you realize the choices you thought you had in life were already made. ---

Mulder: You were being paid a visit by young Jeffrey Spender's father. The Cigarette-Smoking Man came looking for his son who has now taken up the futile cause that used to be mine -- against his father.
Diana: Why futile?
Mulder: Because there's nothing to be done. And at some point, you just have to accept that the only way those you love are going to survive is if you give up. ---

Skinner: You gonna tell me what the hell is going on?
Mulder: Our lives are in danger. We don't have much time.
Skinner: Why couldn't you tell me that over the phone? Mulder: If somebody overheard us, it might create mass panic. Skinner: Mass panic over what?
Mulder: El Rico Air Base. ---

Krycek: You sorry son of a bitch. You don't get it, do you? It's all going to hell. The rebels are going to win. They took it.

Spender: Because I'm responsible for the deaths of those people at the Air Base hangar in no small way. I certainly didn't prevent them.
AD Kersh: I can assume then you can explain how they died? Because I have yet to hear any explanation.
Spender: Agent Mulder can explain it. I think Agent Scully, to an extent. They might have even prevented what you see in those photos.
AD Kersh: Agents Scully and Mulder have been suspended by the FBI.
Spender: Also my doing . . . and my mistake.
AD Kersh: I would ask . . .
Spender: I'd ask, sir -- before you tell me that it's not my business -- that you do everything you can to get them back on the X-Files. Far worse can happen . . . and it will.
AD Kersh: Where are you going?
Spender: To pack up my office.

AD Kersh: (angrily) You have answers now? Why didn't I hear about those answers before?
Mulder: I've had answers for years.
AD Kersh: Then why didn't we hear about them?
Mulder: Nobody ever listened.
AD Kersh: Who burned those people? Mulder: They burned themselves. With a choice made long ago by a conspiracy of men who th . . . thought they could sleep with the enemy. Only to awaken another enemy.
AD Kersh: What the hell does that mean?
Mulder: It means the future is here, and all bets are off.
AD Kersh: Agent Scully, make some sense.
Scully: Sir, I wouldn't bet against him. ---

Spender: Get out of here.
CSM: This picture you have -- I haven't seen it since you were born. You probably don't even know who the other man is.
Spender: I don't care. Get out.
CSM: It's Bill Mulder, Fox Mulder's father. Isn't that something? He was a good man . . . a friend of mine . . . who betrayed me in the end.
Spender: I know more than enough about your past . . . enough to hate you.
CSM: Your mother was right. I came here hoping otherwise. Hoping that my son . . . might live to honor me . . . like Bill Mulder's son. (CSM reluctantly aims gun at Spender, the scene cuts to outside the office as we hear gun fire. CSM leaves the office, and walks down the hallway.)

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