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Monday 6 x 15
Episode: Monday   Episode Number: 6x15   Tagline: The Truth is Out There
Working Title: Mobius


Mulder: (sarcastically) I'm having the best damn day of my life. Any moment I'm about to burst into song -- "Zip a dee doo dah." My, uh, waterbed sprung a leak and shorted out my alarm clock. My cell phone got wet and crapped out on me and the check I wrote my landlord to cover the, uh, damages is going to bounce if I don't deposit my pay. You ever have one of those days, Scully?
Scully: Since I've been working here? Yeah. When did you get a waterbed, Mulder? ---

Mulder: Bank's just down the street. I'll be back in ten. Cover for me, will you?
Scully: (to herself) When do I not? ---

Skinner: The unpredictable future. Which brings us to Agent Mulder. (to Scully) Will he or will he not grace us with his report? ---

(Mulder gets stuck in the middle of a bank robbery)
Mulder: (disgusted, to himself) Zip a dee doo dah. ---

Mulder: So you think it's all just fate? We have no free will?
Scully: No, I think that we're free to be the people that we are -- good, bad or indifferent. I think that it's our character that determines our fate.
Mulder: And all the rest is just preordained? I don't buy that. There's too many variables. Too many forks in the road. I meant to be on time to work this morning but my waterbed springs a leak flooding my apartment and the apartment below me so that makes me late for the meeting. And then I realize I got to write a check to cover the damages to my landlord but, as I'm walking to work, I realize that that's gonna bounce unless I deposit my pay. So now I got to go to the bank, which makes me even later.
Scully: Since when did you get a waterbed?
Mulder: I might just as easily not have a waterbed then I'd be on time for this meeting. You might just as easily have stayed in medicine and not gone into the FBI, and then we would never have met. Blah, blah, blah . . . ---

Scully: Fate.
Mulder: Free will. With every choice, you change your fate.
Scully: Then let's change yours. I will deposit your check. You gather your files, go to Skinner's office, give your report before he takes it out on both of us. ---

(Mulder enters the bank and sees Bernard and Scully holding guns on each other.)
Mulder: Drop your weapon!
Scully: Drop it.
Bernard: I ain't dropping nothing. You put yours down. I'll shoot her!
Mulder: What do you think I'll do then? ---

Mulder: It's a long story but I had the distinct sensation that I had lived that moment before.
Scully: Well, you may have. Did you do a lot of drinking in college? ---

Mulder: Yeah? Well, but what if it were?
Scully: What if you'd lived this moment before and now you're living it again? Mulder: Yeah -- so that I could right some wrong or change fate.
Scully: Well, right now I'd say you're fated to go to this meeting.
Mulder: No. Actually, I'm fated to go to the bank. ---

Mulder: I'll use the ATM machine. I don't want to tempt fate.

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