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Milagro 6 x 18
Episode: Milagro   Episode Number: 6x18   Tagline: The Truth is Out There
Title Translation: Miracle


Mulder: I mean, we have no evidence-- no MO to speak of. This could be the perfect crime. ---

Maggie: That's why I didn't want to come here, Kevin.
Kevin: I'm not even doing anything.
Maggie: You're thinking about it.
Kevin: There's a console between us. I mean, how much can I do? You make it sound like I'm an attacker. ---

Mulder: (on phone) Hey, Scully, glad I caught you. We got a third victim-- 16-year- old kid out on lover's lane.
Scully: (on phone) Are you sure?
Mulder: (on phone) Yeah. I'm sure many a person's had their heart broken out here, but not quite like this. ---

Mulder: Hey, you weren't joking about being late. I was about to start slicing and dicing, myself. ---

Mulder: You're a writer. Anything I'd know?
Padgett: I don't think so.
Padgett: You're an FBI agent. Working on anything interesting?
Mulder: A murder case.
Padgett: Anything I'd know?
Mulder: Possibly. ---

Padgett: Agent Mulder, my book . . . did you like it?
Mulder: Maybe if it were fiction. ---

Mulder: You know you're in here, don't you?
Scully: I read a chapter. What does he say?
Mulder: Well, let's just say it ends with you doing the naked pretzel with "the stranger" on a bed in an unfurnished fourth floor apartment. I'm assuming that's a priori, too?
Scully: I think you know me better than that, Mulder. ---

Scully: How did you know, Mulder, that the body was in the truck?
Mulder: I imagined it. ---

Scully: It's still no evidence that Padgett directed the killer.
Mulder: What do you need, a signed work order? Of course he directed him. ---

Mulder: Mr. Padgett . . . you can go. We apologize for our mistake. You're free to finish your book.
Padgett: Thank you.
Padgett: I made a mistake myself. Mulder: What's that, Mr. Padgett?
Padgett: In my book, I'd written that Agent Scully falls in love but that's obviously impossible. Agent Scully is already in love. ---

Padgett: A big mistake. I misjudged her character-- her interest in me.
Naciamento: Now we're on to something.
Padgett: She's only trying to get his attention but doesn't know it.
Naciamento: The old unconscious at work.

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